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In a genre where momentum is built in an avalanche of annual iterations and regular DLC updates, the five-year gap between Warhawk and Starhawk, its spiritual sci-fi successor, might as well be measured in decades. Consider this: when Warhawk was released, Modern Warfare was still an unknown quantity.

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i all ways havant been a fan of that website

portal_21991d ago

They are temperamental to say the least.

MariaHelFutura1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

"I have never been a fan of that website"

Asides from that, 7/10 is a good score from Eurogamer.


oh when others are giving 8or9/10?

StanSmith1991d ago


Eurogamer have always been more critical than other sites. Not just on PS3 but all platforms. This is a really good score from Eurogamer.

Read the reviews rather than skipping to the number.

portal_21991d ago

Wow, another fail article by Eurogamer. Not the score, just the article.

Trenta271991d ago

Yeah, the game is a 7 or 8 to me, but the article is terrible. It was badly written, both in word choice and grammar. They need to work on their editors or something. =/

j-blaze1991d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

fair score and the review was well written, nice try tho!

the worst1991d ago

i think this should have got 6/10
this game is way overrated
warhawk is a better game

Rhezin1991d ago

ehhh I HATE Eurogamer, always rediculous reviews and scores.

RedDead1991d ago

Good score's, bad reviews imo

h311rais3r1991d ago

Funny how when a game someone likes the site instantly becomes crap but when it's a good score people lavish it with love

terrordactyl1991d ago

Eurogamer has ALWAYS been a Microsoft site, so no surprise they won't love a PS3 exclusive.

Zynga1990d ago

Oh shut up! Just enjoy the game if your interested or not.

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