Your Turn: The greatest gaming system of all time

SMH writes: The call was put out for submissions to answer one of the great gaming questions, namely, what is the greatest gaming system of all time. Response was strong, with top five lists flowing into SPECTRE (Screen Play Electoral Commission Tallying Rated Elements) Towers.

Now the lists have been checked, tallied, votes tabulated, and the results are in! So without further ado, I present the top 20 gaming systems of all time. Let the countdown begin.

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MurDocINC2263d ago

Agree pc best platform, but N64 best console.
ALot of memories with N64, it had alot of solid games for both solo play and 4 players.

SPAM-FRITTER-1232263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

PC + N64 - couldn't agree more.

european_cannon2263d ago

N64? Seriously? There were like 5 great games for it. SNES by far offered so many betters games its crazy. Give me one good RPG on N64 (don't say Zelda) or an awesome fighter (don't say SSB), you can't! Not to mention 64 visually has aged so poorly, SNES still looks great. SNES for the win.

AdvanceWarsSgt2263d ago


The SNES library laps circles around the N64's library, and a lot of other consoles as well. The only other machines that can possibly even compare are the PS2 and DS.

Kur02263d ago

PS2 was the best for me. Had the most variety with very high quality games for all the genres.

DJLB21152263d ago

PC shouldve been in another category or something

2263d ago
SaiyanFury2263d ago

Honestly, it's a moot question at best. Everyone will have a differing opinion. In my personal opinion, it's the original PlayStation. It was the first console to bring 3D polygonal graphics mainstream. It was the first console to utilise flash memory cards. It was the first console to have what I consider the greatest controller design, the DualShock, which, to this day, hasn't changed. As well as having some of the greatest JRPGs of all time, when SquareSoft and ENIX, not Square-Enix, were in their heyday. It launched the best driving series, Gran Turismo. I could go on as to why I personally think it's the best, but there's no further point. Some will agree, some will disagree. Have a good one, all. :)

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The story is too old to be commented.