Datura review - bad trip - Metro


PlayStation Network gets another highly experimental download, but how does it match up to the likes of Flower and Journey?

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Lulz_Boat2232d ago

i like it! it's too short, but if played with Move, it's amazing. (IMHO)

xAlmostPro2232d ago

Not super excited for this game personally, however i wouldn't trust a game review from the metro.

It's an awesome paper/news source but the game reviewers are awful, even more so david jenkins.

Anywhoo as i always say, thinking about a game? try it yourself :D

GribbleGrunger2232d ago

i wouldn't either if it was an isolated score, but we have to be objective here and realise that the majority of reviews have given this game a low score. whilst i would love for this game to get high scores, i HAVE to assume it isn't that good.

t0mmyb0y2232d ago

You don't HAVE to assume anything. Your going to let reviews tell you if YOUR going to enjoy it?

GribbleGrunger2232d ago

i wouldn't have bought it anyway but there are too many low scores to ignore