GTX 670 Ice Dragon Tested – Trades Blows with the GTX 680 and HD 7970

The card was compared against the stock GTX 680 and judging by its price gets a clear lead over the flagship by a nice margin. Let’s just say NVIDIA did Price per performance right with the GTX 670, Even the stock variant does a great job keeping up with the GTX 680.

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NYC_Gamer2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

The 670 is a beast for its price/performance....Nvidia played it smart and released a mid card that fights high end cards on stock.....AMD might have to do another price drop just to compete....

Raider692233d ago

Nvidia shoot there selfs in the foot!Know they really need to release KP 110/GTX780 because theres no reason to go with a 680 when a 670 do the same job.Just get the GTX 780 out!

Orpheus2233d ago

March 16th they will show the compute / Tesla version of GK-110 / 780GTX the gaming version is not far off.