Why I’m Afraid to Review Diablo 3

Reviewing Diablo 3 will be the single greatest challenge in my career as a gaming journalist to date. In fact, I’d go so far as to say I’m afraid of reviewing Diablo 3, and I’m willing to bet I’m not the only one.

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kevnb2082d ago (Edited 2082d ago )

everyone will just give it 9.5/10 no matter what they think. Oh of course there will be 10s and a few troll reviews just like any other game of this stature.

Trenta272082d ago

Gaming journalism is dying a quick death.

Saryk2082d ago (Edited 2082d ago )

I am having a shit fit from not buying this game yet. I have the money to pre-order, but I am not. I am not getting or have the warm fuzzy feeling about this game. I might once the reviews start pouring in.......