Talentless? Illiterate? But Still Want Your Own Site? Why Not Steal Articles, Like

It may claim to offer “exclusive content” and “original staff opinions”, but shameless website is generating its content by stealing whole articles from other game sites – and simply copy-pasting them onto its own pages.

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agentxk2201d ago

This situation sucks. However, you should be bigger than this, getting into a poo flinging match by this article being posted is unprofessional as well. :(

I hate plagiarism though. A well known site did this to us a little while back

shodan742201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

Just so you know, we emailed them twice, politely but firmly requesting they remove the article, and gave them a full three days to respond. When we heard nothing back, we decided this was the best way to deal with the situation.

To be honest, I also think it's important that other small-to-medium size gaming sites are aware of this - as their own work may be among the plagiarised content. People work incredibly hard to write original articles and reviews, and simply swiping other sites' hard work wholesale is nothing short of despicable in my book.

agentxk2201d ago

I got ya. When we had a major article stolen, we contacted the site as well. They never did respond.

We tried to raise awareness of this by taking it to social media. The response we ended up getting was "Yo Bro, My site is way bigger than yours, you should be thankful I am reposting this with credit."

I did notice on that site, everything appears to be lifted. Is it some sort of compile site that is just run to look like an original site?

Keep fighting the good fight!

gaffyh2201d ago

Maybe it's an autoblog?

Mad_Mack2201d ago

I think Mark is an only child.

Fishy Fingers2201d ago

90% of this weeks N4G news will be based off a few select articles/press releases/interviews conducted last week, or even before. Been like this for a good while.

While its disappointing to see, this is a pretty petty why to try and 'get your own back'. All as bad as each other.

Hicken2200d ago

That's really not the same. It's one thing to base your work on somebody else's; Frank Herbert's Dune inspired me to write something similar, for example.

But it's something entirely to steal wholesale from someone else. That would be me taking, say, Jane Lindskold's works, putting my name on them, and then getting more popular than she is simply because of them.

As a writer myself, this is inexcusable. Start with someone else's work and build on it. That's okay. Claiming the hard work of others as your own? NOT OKAY.

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The story is too old to be commented.