Next Tales of Concept Art From Scan Features Modern & Advanced Cities "A scan for the Jump Magazine announcement of the Next Tales of game has finally been leaked, showing us some concept art of what seems to be modern and advanced-looking cities for the upcoming game. The style is somewhat reminiscent of both Tales of Xillia and Tales of Vesperia, in a way."

Update: "Could this actually be Tales of Xillia 2?" http://www.abyssalchronicle...

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TroyTheBaker2236d ago

It kind of reminds me of Baticul too, to be honest.

EngatoDreylorm2236d ago

FINALLY they get trains. I was wondering when they'd have them.

blackblades2236d ago

Nice but it's going to be years until we get this, still got to bring xillia over which most likely be at the end of next year as well as innocent r.