Minecraft Snapshot 12w19a Available

Jeb has released the official snapshot for 12w19a. It comes with new cocoa plants, mysterious large biomes and better naming for sand stone and smooth stone blocks.

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N4GGamer2233d ago

Great, at last I can create some cocoa plant farms for my cookies!

VanillaBear2233d ago

Can't they add some bigger features

What about trains as upgraded Minecarts which go by themselfs. Lifts for homes perfect for people who have made Skyscrapers and have trouble keep getting to the top, more variations for items, if you have Brick block why can't you change the colour of it this applies to most items or how about some wall paper I like the coloured wool but it just dosen't do much for me since you have to lay a full block down.

My biggest one would be to work on the villages and villagers......the villagers look horriable they really need a redesign.

So many ideas...

3GenGames2233d ago

I believe the community disassembles the program back into a usable source. You have no excuse not to be adding those if you really wanted to. Get on it or don't tell them what they need to do with their game.

dark-hollow2233d ago

In other word, mods. Which minecraft have by hundreds.