In Defense Of Microsoft’s Non-Gaming Approach

TheSixthAxis' Kris Lipscombe takes a look at Microsoft's heavy focus on streaming media and how it could be to their ultimate benefit.

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VanillaBear2205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )

"From day one Microsoft have talked about the 360 as a multimedia hub"

No they havent...Microsoft have never said anything about the 360 being a multimedia hub untill they started going after the casual crowd. The PS3 is the only console which was talked about being a multimedia hub when it was announced and shown off

You can't defend MS actions

The 360 is a games consoles, MS have let down the core audience who got them where they are today and they just seem to have a "I don't give a crap" attitude to core gaming experiences, instead they'd rather lie...remember how Kinect was "made for the core" and then a few months ago they said it was really made for the casual crowd from the start...yeah lies like that.

If you try and justfy MS actions then your just giving them a reason to continue along the path they have already set. No one who bought their Xbox 360 for a games console can be happy with third party support forever, MS have got to show some support and by support I mean not relying on the same exclusives year after year.

iamnsuperman2205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )

I agree the the 360 was never advertised as a multimedia hub from the get go unlike the PS3 but it does make sense to try to make the 360 a more multi media hub oriented console so they can sell more consoles to people who want a do it all box. It is just a shame this seems to be at the expense of releasing less core exclusives. Obviously the Kinect integration has had an influence on this and who can blame them. Microsoft are a business not the caring older brother who gives you what you want. They are doing quite a good business strategy that is working very well. Its just the changing face of gaming.

Rhythmattic2205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )


Remember 5-6 years ago and MS fans/media said all the PS3 was good for was watching movies and has no games...

How the times have changed, except the PS3 is still a media hub with BR capability and has always and continues to have core exclusives...

MS might have a good $$$ business strategy, but their business principals absolutely suck.

ikkokucrisis2204d ago (Edited 2204d ago )

Shouldn't the article be "What Took You So Long?"

Kotaku, G4TV, and Sixth all M$ funded add sites. See what happens when the $ runs low, goodbye Sessler & Kevin

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Patriots_Pride2205d ago

Where arethese harcore 360 gamers that are starving for games that you guys speak of?

You people always say that MS dont care about the hardcore or that 360 gamers are having a fit becuase they dont play games on the 360 but TBH the only people I see complaing are PS3 loyalist.

I am a 360/PS3 gamer but do most of my gaming on the 360 because of Live and I can tell you that I have never had the urge to complain about lack of games - to me a game is a game and being exclusive or multiplat does not change the fact that the games that I buy and play are enjoyed by me.

Sure I love my Uncharted and Gears and but if those game were multiplat I would love them just as much. Exclusive is just ammo of die hard fanboys to scream OMG one more exclusive.

vividi2205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )

exclusives define consoles, is that to difficult to understand?, its set apart one machine to the other, the reality is that exclusive are the great experiences of this generation like uncharted, infamous, gears, halo, mass effect 1, LBP, mario , zelda etc. exclusives are important

Lucretia2205d ago

see pride, ur blind.

Imagine this scenerio....its called thinking outside the box.

Imagine, IMAGINE, that other peoples console of choice is their ps3 right? and they use their 360 only for #39;t that mean that the 360 owner only turns on their xbox maybe 2 times a year? yeeeeeeeeaaaaah.

to those people why the hell pay for live to play halo or gears online only?

it strips the value of the console, I have NO reason to turn that thing on. When there is an exclusive i will turn it on, like i did when Mass effect, lost planet, ninja gaiden, star ocean, tales, overlord, bioshock, eternal sonata were all exclusive before......then they all went to the i have no reason to turn it on besides the yearly halo release

Patriots_Pride2205d ago

So you only play exclusives -_-

Plus ur making it seem like the majority of gamers only have one console which infact 75% of gamers now own 2 or 3 becuase they are now affordable.

I own a 360 for and PS3 and play most shooters on my 360 and play RPG's and exclusives on my PS3 - also some times a multiplat game is not made the same on both consoles so I always end up picking the better version.

My point was that Uncharted and Gears are good games but I would take Bioshock,Skyrim,GTA4.... over those exclusives anytime.

BuffMordecai2205d ago

Defending the undefendable.