Xbox 360 Repair Breaks Downloaded Content

Jonathan Schlaffer writes:

"It's almost a forgone conclusion that if you don't have one of the new Xbox 360s chances are good that, at some point, you will get a 'red ring of death' and have to send it in for repair. If you do, chances are also good, all your downloaded content will no longer work thanks to Microsoft's DRM."

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chrno63963d ago

Is that true? I don't know but I would be pissed if the games that I paid for no longer work on my console after being repaired.

projectile3963d ago

I can confirm that this is just bullshit.

First if you send in you console for repair you don't send in your hard drive, just the box itself.
All your content is connected to your gamertag and nothing else. So if you take your hd to someone else and log in with your gamertag you should be able to play all your content just fine.

I just changed my console in on ebgames. There was a trade where you gave them your premium and 5 games and got an elite. I had downloaded lots of stuff on my old premium. I did not keep anything from my premium i just formated the drive before exchanging it in.
Then i booted my new elite. Recoverd my gamertag and all the stuff I had paid for before I could download again without having to pay anything.

clevernickname3963d ago

Projectile, you often need to call Microsoft and transfer your content authorization to the new console because the service centers regularly forget to update their systems with that information, and for that you need your proof of purchase. If you do not transfer the authorization, your downloaded content will only function when your Xbox is connected to Xbox Live and you log on with the Gamertag associated with the content.

crck3963d ago

Your stuff will only work when you are logged onto Live. If you need to play offline after getting a replacement or a new system you can't.

wicked3963d ago

My system worked fine after repair. They replaced the mother board and DVD drive. All live games & downloaded content worked just as before the repair, either logged into Live or not

Nevers3962d ago

This story is old BS. If you have to replace the console, log onto Live and redownload all the content (yes, for free) onto your old HDD using your new console. Some people delete it first... I didn't and it seemed to only need to download 5sec of info for most things. It was a little annoying,as I had many many downlowds. M$ should've put these instructions in with the replacement console; BUT this is really an easy fix and a bogus story proly only put on the TechBlorge site to get hits... old and untrue

ushman3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

You probably got your purchased console back. Its an issue if you get a refurb back. Purchased content requires your console and HDD id to match in order to play the games offline.

GITPWNED3962d ago


If you have a new unit, your old content, such as DLC and arcade games WILL NOT WORK, unless your online, or you repaid for and bought the same content and THEN redownloaded it on a silver account on your box. the material must be SIGNED to the serial number of that 360 for it to work like it should. and then if you are on your third 360, you're really f*cked, because the stuff u bought on your first 360 will not work no matter what on #3 and so on.

f*ck you, M$.

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Nathan Hale3963d ago

this really is sad isn't it?

Capt CHAOS3962d ago

I've already posted a number of times about it..

And a few times more. Their DRM issue is a big con.

InMyOpinion3962d ago

It is indeed sad that false news like this gets posted. What's even sadder is to see how the flood (PS3 fanboys) gather to bash the 360 over stuff that isn't true.

marcindpol3963d ago

i would newer buy xbox!!!

all the problems you get!, its just horrible

Shroomy3963d ago

It doesn't give you AID's marcindpol, so calm down.

Fighter3963d ago

It is the most reliable console on the market. I'm sure he was talking about the PS3 rather than the 360.