PS Vita worldwide sales at 1.8 million; "a good start"

TVGB: "Sony's latest earnings report is a bit of a depressing read; the company's recorded a fiscal year 2012 annual loss of $5.74 billion, with the final quarter making up $3.2 billion of the sum."

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ritsuka6662078d ago ShowReplies(9)
Sharingan_no_Kakashi2078d ago

Pretty good start. Considering it hasn't really had a killer app yet. The only thing holding it back is the that all the killer apps are still in the pipeline. I've been severely happy with mine though. Not a day goes by that I don't have it with me.

xursz2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

Same here. After exhausting Uncharted, WipEout and UMvC3 for all their worth, I've since dived headfirst into the enormous catalog that is the PSP selection, and man have I been more than satisfied.

EDIT: not sure why there are some haters and disagrees in here.. I, for one, am glad that nearly 2 million others out there are enjoying the PSV as much as I am.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2078d ago

Got Uncharted and Shinobido. Now playing Valkyria Chronicles 2 :)

Ju2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

Burnout! Surprisingly good on the Vita - and missed as a native game.

Peacewalker can use the right stick!!! Whoohoo. :)

xursz2077d ago

Some notable PSP games I picked up:

UFC 2010, Burnout Dominator, Burnout Legends, MGS Peace Walker, GOW Chains of Olympus, GOW Ghost of Sparta, GTA Liberty City Stories, Vice City Stories, Mega Man Maverick Hunter... just to name a few.

There's just so much variety at such good value it's pretty difficult to get bored, honestly. :P

Peppino72077d ago

I'll be getting one for Christmas. Right now I'm trying to finish a backlog of games.

PirateThom2077d ago

I haven't even finished Uncharted, I got distracted by Rayman and Lumines... I really should finish Uncharted.

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fermcr2078d ago

Uncharted is a killer app.

As for PS Vita worldwide sales at 1.8 million... in all honesty i expected much more sales by now.

I've said it and i will say it again... the main problem with the PS Vita is the name. Most people think it's an updated version of the PSP like the PSP Go. Sony should of named it PSP2, and bammmm, everybody would know it's a next gen handheld.

I think Nintendo is going to have the same problem with the Wii U. Many consumers will think it's a new gimmick for the Wii. They just should name it Wii 2.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2078d ago

Meh I wouldn't call Uncharted a killer app for vita. Not that Uncharted is a bad franchise but the vita version didn't live up to it's name. Which is mostly cuz naughty dog didn't make it. Also, I'd rather Vita's killer app be an exclusive like Gravity rush. Heard it was freaking awesome. A lot of people I know are waiting for it to release stateside to pick up a vita.

Ju2078d ago

I agree. While visually it can hold up against the other UC games, the controls and gameplay are not on the same level. It is quite amazing how small details can make it a different game. Also, to many cut scenes. I have the feeling I just press a button to get to the next cut. Still a great game, but not "THE" game it was supposed to be.

bahabeast2078d ago

1.8 million by the end of march? not excellent but pretty good considering the price and times we are in, it will pick up over time.

sonic9892078d ago

yup i hope it picks up from here

Blastoise2078d ago

Call of duty vita, sales will go through the roof. Problem solved :P

jujubee882077d ago

I shall choose you when a GBA emu gets up and running on Playstation Suite.

Blastoise2076d ago

Much appreciated. I wont let you down.

George Sears2078d ago

No good games for the Vita yet for me to even consider purchasing one. My PS3 died a long time ago too. I'd prefer to get it (PS3) instead of the Vita.

Ju2078d ago

Quite the opposite for me. I'd rather get it for the Vita and if not available for the PS3. Vita is just so much more convenient.

Sithlord-Gamble2077d ago

I agree. I honestly havent even touched my ps3 since the Vita came out.

Its much more convienient when u have a family and are trying to find gaming time. Plus i can even bring it to work.

The Vita is what the psp shouldve & couldve been.

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