Sony Gives Out Forbidden Chocolates at Soul Sacrifice Press Conference

Sony held its Soul Sacrifice press conference today, officially unveiling the game that debuted in Weekly Famitsu yesterday. was quick to file a flash report showing some of the sweet swag that was on offer.

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blackburn102263d ago

And they change you into a magic sacrifice person like in the game? Okay, give me one and I will think about eating it.

Regent_of_the_Mask2263d ago

This is what N4G considers to be news.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2263d ago

Hey,, have you ever gotten forbidden chocolates at Soul Sacrifice Press Conference?

Nope didn't think so,, :b


Bathyj2263d ago

So you even have a problem with free chocolate.

Do you ever stop complaining?

tack1292263d ago

In this case I bet he's complaining solely for the fact that he didn't get any chocolate.

MasterCornholio2263d ago

What you consider news are flame bait articles that love to provoke the anger that lies within the hearts of Sony fans.

Seriously news about giving away free chocolate at a conference is harmless when compared to flame bait articles which really mess up the comments section in N4G. You should be complaining about flame bait articles instead of articles about giving away free chocolate at a press conference.


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Kyosuke_Sanada2263d ago

Unless one of those chocolates enables me to regurgitate my spine as a weapon, I see no news here....

TheModernKamikaze2263d ago

They're probably tinkered with magic that will make you buy their game. XD

2263d ago