Moore: Fear of PSN hack keeps physical retail strong

EA's Peter Moore say that consumers aren't abandoning retailer chains for their video game needs because we remember and still fear the Anonymous led attack on PlayStation Network.

That crippling of a digital marketplace keeps us preferring retail, he argues. EA "love" retailers for creating "massive launches" and excitement. Retail must also be "digital media purveyor".

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gaffyh2138d ago

Honestly, I doubt that is the reason. People just want to own physical copies of their stuff, because otherwise you have to rely on the service provider to keep the games online at all times. Which will never happen, because they'll always remove a game if it allows you to hack a system or something like that.

JoGam2138d ago

People cracks me up sometimes. Fear of a PSN hack., Please, I swear no one is thinking about no hack. If PSN was to get hack again, I'll be shocked.

LoneWanderer092138d ago

When i purchase a game, i need to feel like i actually purchased something. When ever i buy DLC for a certain game i sometimes feel like i made a wrong choice, but i can't do anything about it after i purchased it. That's why i usually wait for game of the year or complete editions of certain games, so that i don't have to worry about spending my money on digital content.

tigertron2138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )

As long as physical discs still exist I won't be going down the digital download route. The only time I've made an exception is when its free on PS Plus and when the discs weren't available at launch i.e. Warhawk, Siren: Blood Curse and Ratchet and Clank: QFB. I wish I bought the disc versions though...

HDD space and download times are big negatives for me aswell as the price. I mean, why do titles on the PSN cost more than discs? I've seen Mass Effect 3 for £50. Why pay that much when you can get the disc for half the price? also, you can't sell games you've downloaded.

For those reasons I don't believe digital downloads will be as successful. At least not for many years.

Daver2138d ago

Most of people already forgot about that so I dont think it would balance in anything about the digital market.

360ICE2138d ago

How about downloaded games taking HDD space? Or PS Store and Marketplace games not really being cheaper than their physical media counterparts? And that people like having something physical to collect or to give as a gift?
Those would be some more valid reasons, I think.

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