Amazon respond to Dragon’s Crown canceled pre-orders and price increase complaints

Amazon respond to complaints about them canceling the original pre-orders Dragon’s Crown (which were priced at $29.99 each) and increasing the prices ($39.99 on Vita and $49.99 on Playstation 3) after restoring the product pages.

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Bimkoblerutso2259d ago

Why would people be angry at Amazon? They don't set the prices.

Neckbear2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

Amazon guarantees the pre-order price, even if it rises later. Which is to say, if people pre-ordered the game at $30, they should get it at $30, per Amazon's own rules and promotions.

vallencer2259d ago

Yeah but in all fairness the game has gone to a different developer so the circumstance is a little different.

Baka-akaB2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

It isnt the consumer's problem there . And with the amount of money they usually make , they can do some gesture . Wich they apparently did

Hardly as if millions of people had already preordered the game

ronin4life2259d ago

I don't think publisher switches are covered by this, however.
This change of situation has nothing to do with dealership promises, as the CURRENT publisher had nothing to do with the old price. Because the situation and involved parties have changed, I find it hard to believe Amazon should be held accountable for a promise made by a party no longer involved with the product.

inveni02258d ago

The Pre-order Price Guarantee is a contract between Amazon and consumer that goes into effect when the pre-order is made. It's a contract. It's why they cancelled the pre-orders. Cancel the pre-order, cancel the contract. Amazon knew exactly what they were doing, and it was a dirty business trick.

That being said, they probably have a loop hole. If the original provider cancels the game, Amazon has to cancel the pre-order. Because of that, if another provider picks up the product for production, Amazon can restore it to the marketplace.

Now, does that mean that Amazon has to restore the pre-orders? That's what the argument is about. At what point does the cancellation and reinstatement need to be considered less than "new product"?

DeadIIIRed2258d ago

After reading their policy online it clearly states in the first few lines of the Price Guarantee that the final price is subject to change.

inveni02258d ago

It says that the price can change, you're right. That's the whole point of the guarantee. It says that, even though the price can change, you're guaranteed to get the lowest price. Even if you pre-order at a higher price.

Christopher2258d ago

***Amazon guarantees the pre-order price, even if it rises later.***

Yeah, but not if the pricing is incorrect from the seller to begin with that it results in losing money on the sales. If it's's fault, it's okay, but if it's the publisher's fault, it's not okay.

This is in their Terms and Conditions statement.

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dark-hollow2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

Not surprising.
They did what they could done.

Amazon are one of the most consumer friendly companies ever.
Their costumer service is top notch.

Lucretia2258d ago

worst place to work for tho...never.....EVER work for amazon if u value ur life, it was torture, one guy even burned him self alive outside the building in his car, and employee's set fire to the 3rd floor. they treat their workers like Poo.

but consumer wise they are awesome lol

Persistantthug2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

but not at $50.

I'm sorry, but $50 for a modern age-stylish GOLDEN AXE type game is excessive to me.

I'll wait until it hits $20

monkeyfox2258d ago

Amazon are at fault - Irrespective of what these prices eventually land in at, they have "pulled you in" under false pretences. Amazon did this to me with some comic books a while back. Cancelled them and then re-released under a new inflated price. I very pretty pi$$ed off and i think, quite rightly so.

Alot of people will just re-book the game at the inflated price as they may feel they have no choice, these same people may not of bought from Amazon in the first place. Theres gotta be some sort of law against this $hit.

Christopher2258d ago

No, the publisher is the one who gave them the pricing range to begin with. It's the publisher's fault.

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rdgneoz32259d ago

Nice to see Amazon honoring what they listed originally. Though I can somewhat see why they took down the chance to preorder as it was thought to be cancelled and then changed publishers, as well as all the info Atlus found out when they took over it. Mainly what they had down, what they needed to do, and the time and money to do it all.

mynameisEvil2259d ago

I don't know what the hell happened to that chick. With the exception of the face and boobs, everything else looks like it would belong on a man.

Kinda reminds me of some Alex (H-L2, of course) 'makeover' that made a good part of her body look like a dude's...

Flavor2258d ago

Dat picture is the only reason anybody cares about this game. It's so pornographic that if you go to the official site, it is censored.

KonaBro2258d ago

I called Amazon and complained to customer service about this. They didn't want to give it to me the first time so I called again and got someone different who put the price at $30 on the Vita version for me so I'm happy.

Newsman2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

You all missed the disclaimer on every unofficial pre-order

"Official pricing and release date have not been announced by the publisher. These are estimates only and subject to change."

Overrides the pre-order guarantee, to all the people that whinged and didn't read before purchase.

If they changed publishers, it's very basic contract law. Bad luck. Think yourself lucky as in most cases the money would be lost.

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