LEGO Lord of the Rings game is real

TVGB: "Retailer ShopTo has outed LEGO Lord of the Rings, with a listing for October 26th."

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perfectCarbonara2259d ago

But, they have no fingers...

TheModernKamikaze2259d ago

..And I don't have boobs.. xP
I'll still play it though.

Paganostaghetti2259d ago

Has been a website for the longest time with the game's announcement: http://thelordoftherings.le...

wohoo2259d ago

That's for the toys, not videogame.

Magnus2259d ago

I hope they throw in a version of the Hobbit as well I'd buy this game the Lego games are kinda fun to play. Still wish they would do a Jurassic Park Lego game I'd buy that as well.

TimeSkipLuffy2259d ago

The Hobbit will get their own LEGO game. That's for sure :)

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