New Bikini Monkey Ball Video

Andriasang writes: I did not watch this four minute clip long enough to know if it has any actual footage of the PlayStation Vita Monkey Ball game that it claims to promote.

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f7897902207d ago

I never really wanted to play Super Monkey Ball. Now.........

SolidSystem2207d ago

45 second into the clip they show gameplay. I dont feel like following the link with the authors comments suggesting he didnt even take the time to watch part of the video.

execution172207d ago

I saw boobs so I came to investigate

Kyosuke_Sanada2207d ago

Imagining Radec actually saying that is priceless! XD

GiggMan2207d ago

I like how the boom mike was just hovering above her lol. Also this should be in the Olympics...

sikbeta2207d ago

Boobs... buying a Vita asap!

MasterCornholio2207d ago

Sorry model is not included. In order to get her you would have to buy the special edition bikini edition of super monkey ball.


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