Sony At E3 2012: God Of War, Killzone, The Last Of Us – What To Expect

God of War: Ascension, KIllzone Vita, The Last of Us, Kara, PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale, Call of Duty Vita, are likely appearances atSony's E3 2012 conference. NowGamer lists what you can expect at the show.

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DOMination-1813d ago

20 new games, only Sony can provide quantity and quality to real gamers.

LarVanian1813d ago

You know I always have to laugh at people who consistently say "Quality over Quantity". Why not just do both? :)

fastrez1813d ago

That's certainly a valid point. Valve does the quality over quantity angle, and it annoys a lot of gamers how infrequently their games come out. On the other hand some devs flood the market with sub-par content. It's a tricky thing to balance - making money to stay in business or taking time and making a gamble on bigger projects.

MaxXAttaxX1812d ago

with all three people above.

skyward1813d ago

10 of those will be PS minis/Vita games. 5 we'll already know about. Only a few decent reveals no doubt.

fastrez1813d ago

That's the spirit, nice to be optimistic :/

cpayne931813d ago

They show minis at e3? I never knew they did that. Also, it doesn't matter too much that we know about some of the games on the list, because there is a lot about those games that we don't know. We know about Killzone vita, cod vita, soul sacrifice, gow, last of us, and some others are coming but we don't know too many details yet.

MariaHelFutura1813d ago

Can you tell me my future please Ms. Cleo.....

Ascalon941813d ago

I'm calling bullshit on the minis reveal. That's complete nonsense. Of course they will show off vita games and thats what a good majority of people want to see to know if the vita is worth buying. There will be atleast 5 major reveals to AAA games possibly more.

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badz1491813d ago

uh I don't know...a lot more of them, maybe? this is not MS you know :-P

Gamer30001813d ago

God Of War, Killzone 4, The Last Of Us,infamous 3,the last guardian,new Ips for Psvita/ps3

I_am_Batman1813d ago

Infamous 3 reveal would be so great. But on the other hand I would like to see a new IP from Sucker Punch and a Infamous 3 for PS4 maybe. Either way it will be great.

portal_21813d ago

I want to see new stuff!

brew1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

Sound Shapes (Vita).... how the heck is this not listed?
Warrior's Lair (Vita/PS3)
Ratchet and Clank Collection (PS3)
Papa $ Yo (PSN)
The Unfinished Swan(PSN)... depending on release date

Some rumored stuff for E3 -

Syphon Filter (PS3)
Until Dawn (Move)
New Media Molecule IP (Vita)

Other possibles -

Cold Hard Cash (unknown)
Guerrilla Games's next (it's been over a year already since Killzone 3)

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The story is too old to be commented.