Max Payne 3's in-game gunfight physics make it a modern wonder

The Independent: "'It's a combination of shooting and movement designed to invoke the feel of Hong Kong action movies,' says Max Payne 3's Art Director Rob Nelson."

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Drazz1985d ago

Rockstar makes such quality games. If EA ever gets a hold of them..

CommonCent1985d ago

Seems like Rockstar and Blizzard are the only quality publishers left.

Captain Qwark 91985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

blizz is part of acticrap

they just get to do what they want becuase they have such a devoted fanbase that even acticrap isnt dumb enough to mess with it.

Gamer30001985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

@Tw1st3d Fate
you left those
Noughty Dog/Santa Monica/Sucker Punch/Quantum dream/CDred project/Guerilla games and rocksteady

pandehz1985d ago


I think some of them are devs not pubs

Pintheshadows1985d ago

EA will never get hold of them. I'd actually gather a posse if that was likely and burn EA hq to the ground.

Trenta271984d ago

Rockstar is not that stupid. Rockstar is doing fine with 2K Games. EA can go die in a ditch.

Valenka1985d ago

I agree, Rockstar Games is one of the top leading innovators when it comes to gaming.