Exeter Cathedral to host Sunday service using PS3

Exeter Cathedral, along with Wired columnist Andy Robertson, will host Sunday service that'll require the congregation to play the PS3 during worship

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hiredhelp2258d ago

Wtf. Thats my home town guy's. Play ps3 in the cathedral? Worship facepalm. Why not just have a gamers day on the green instead not this.
There you have it Hiredhelps home town Exeter So wish didnt eake up today.

mixelon2258d ago

Because they aren't trying to have a gamers day, or anything like it? This has nothing to do with gaming as a whole or gamers really.

They're just using Flower to tell a spiritual story..

Which seems a bit mad to me too but it's interesting. I guess it could open some people's eyes to the value of the medium.

... also, Commodore ftw. (Amiga or C64?)

hiredhelp2258d ago

I understand exactly what they trying to do beleave me i do, but where i live in exeter that wouldnt really go down well.
Specially as theres a spiritual church other side of town where even myself have been.
But idk maybe ill take a look, see if my mates mom be there shes a healer deeply into that side of life i had a chance but chose not to act on it.

BTW for me C64 thoe the daddy 'Amiga' was clearly the winner no loading times first ever work bench that allowed you to have self upgradable ram. Up to 16bit awsome but too rich for me so got that at later date but i actually started before then.

DigitalAnalog2258d ago

"Long, Live, Pray".. the new PS3 slogan.

bahabeast2258d ago

well it couldnt be a xbox 360 gears or halo cnt be played in the house of the Lord