The Elder Scrolls Online should be F2P?

An article about the situation of some importants MMO (WoW, The Old Republic, DC Universe, Ghost Recon Online) to understand why or why not The Elder Scrolls Online should be Free-to-play

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zeal0us2171d ago

I hope they go the NCsoft route Buy it and play forever. Knowing Zenimax it will P2P

wallis2171d ago

Zenimax are pretty inexperienced with the games industry. Yeah they have Bethesda but Zenimax themselves have shown utter incompetence in being able to manouvre the games industry. From suing Notch because they thought gamers would end up buying his game instead of Skyrim to holding Obsidian to a ridiculous bonus standard centred on metacritic they've always had more of a movie centric approach because they are a more generic media company at heart.

And as a company without gaming at the centre, i.e. as a company that doesn't get the industry, they will look at WoW and try to ape it in an attempt to achieve its success. They won't recognize the trends and patterns that define the industry they'll just take a bog standard business approach to it... and that approach says subscription model because that's the wet dream of ANY industry, let alone games.

MrGunny942171d ago

Unfornately it will have the same fate as SWTOR.. it has the Hero Engine and it focuses is on PVP


akane2171d ago (Edited 2171d ago )

I think that is going to happen same as DC Universe Online. A year or perhaps a little more of paid suscription, and then F2P...

Fragger2k82171d ago

Subscription-based or not, it doesn't matter to me. Odds are I won't be playing it either way.

I think the better business decision would be go to either the 'buy once and play forever' route, or as a "free to play" game. They need something to give them an edge over the over-priced subscriptions that World of Warcraft and The Old Republic requires.

bahabeast2171d ago

i think it should be f2p they will still make money when people want to upgrade certain stuff and have to buy items for in the world.