15 Reasons The Xbox 360 Will Have Another Great Year In 2008

Microsoft may have some serious customer satisfaction issues right now, but the great games keep coming for the system and will certainly have a huge impact on the continued success of the 360.

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Anego Montoya FTMFW3909d ago

if those are your 15 reasons........GOOD LUCK.

TANOD3909d ago (Edited 3909d ago )

Deus Ex 3
Devil May Cry 4
Grand Theft Auto IV
The Lord of the Rings: The White Council
Madden 2009
Soulcalibur IV
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
Star Wars: Battlefront III
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas 2
Tomb Raider: Underworld

so 11 games out of that list of 15 are coming to PS3 as well

EndWars on PS3 and X360 ONLY.
SC conviction on PC too

so 12 games on that list are MULTIPLAT

ruibing3909d ago

Even as a PS3 fan I could have made a better list than this article, most of the titles are multi-platform and hardly worth the price.

Dr Pepper3909d ago

Actually TANOD, EndWars is console-only (360, PS3).

Rocko3908d ago

I guess even PS-tards get tired of screaming "LITTLE BIG PLANET" and "FINAL FANTASY".

poos33908d ago (Edited 3908d ago )

EVERY 1 SHould check th elist willamrlnbaker posted of a well crafted list of 360 exclusive for 2008 well over 20 games ,the 3rd party exclusive line is astonishing it would mak eany sony troll cry PLZ SOME 1 NEEDS TO POST THAT LINK in th emain page of N4G(aka n4sony) it would make my day to see how the sony trolls handle it.

alster233908d ago

i think its 14 reasons the white council got cancelled i think

Blackfrican3908d ago

OMG WHAT NOOBS! Playstasian has all the games i like. I dont like 100% shooters i look for big boobed anime chicks like tekken and FF. Thats why i bought PS1 for Tomb Raider who has Big BOobs so that one game looks cool.

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mikeslemonade3909d ago

Oh yea they will have a great year but PS3 will have a better year. The 360's prime is 2007 and they will never ever have a better year than 2007

Daishi3908d ago

That was said about 2004 and even 2006 so... I guess it wont happen again ever again, again if your right... But what are your sources?

mikeslemonade3908d ago

The 360 wasn't out in 2004. And my source is Halo 3, Bioshock, and Gears(basically a 2007 title). It's basically prove that MS put all there eggs in one basket for 2007 knowing that PS3 is coming out that year. I mean you have Gears during the PS3 launch and Halo 3 right before the Holidays. Next year there won't be a Halo 3 and Gears 2 won't sell systems like Gears 1 did.

MaximusPrime3909d ago

why this news approved? This is written by some nerd. This is not proper news.

tatotiburon3909d ago

what about the same articles written by sonyretards about "360 doom, ps3 2008 victory" bla bla bla ?

Bubble Buddy3909d ago

halo chronicles? star wars battlefront 3? wtf, lucasarts is bullsh1t. i lvoe star wars and all but battlefront 1 and 2 were almost exactly the same, and i bought the first two lego star wars game, then a COMPLETE SAGA COMES OUT? WTF

BLUR1113908d ago

yea soon as i read it i knew it was such crap i like to know how it got approved ohh yeah (gamer posers) fanboys on this website.

InMyOpinion3908d ago

Why not just make this site Sony exclusive?

Let's only post news that are in favor for Sony and the PS3. I think most Sony fanboys would leave, since they would be forced to comment on articles concerning Sony and the PS3, and not MS and the 360 as they are used to.

No one would care about the usual "PS3 will rulz in 2008. 360 is teh RROD. MGS4, GT5, FFVIII, false sales/tech facts etc etc". Not that many people care about it right now but they litter the comment sections pretty bad. Makes it hard to find any comments of intellectual value that have something to say about the article in question.

Dareaver13908d ago (Edited 3908d ago )

I totally agree, even 360 only news is full of Sony Fanboys that constantly bash the 360. And it's kinda sad because there aren't that many 360 Fans (notice did i say Fanboys) out in support of the 360, because of the constant bashing from the Sony crowd. It's terrible. You can't even say something pro 360 in a Pro 360 article without getting at least 6 comments stating how wrong you are for your opinion. It gets tiresome. Plus, you can't find other people to discuss 360 news with because they pretty much stopped coming to this site, because of all the childish banter that gets passed here as intelligent conversations.

I mean look at all the disagrees in a pro 360 article from someone who posts something good about the 360. Then look at the negative comments about the 360, and see all the agrees that comment gets. There simply aren't that many 360 supporters left on this site.

And if the Sony Fanboys want to say "well they do the same thing to us," that is a bold faced lie. You can go into to any PS3 news either good or bad, and you will see more agrees for the pro PS3 posts and more disagrees for anything negative about the PS3. I've never seen a pro 360 comment reach over 20 agrees without 22 or more disagrees right next to it. There are simply more PS3 fans and Fanboys on this site, and i think everyone is getting sick of it. I can almost guarantee that this sites hit count has dramatically dropped, and the inactivity of profiles has increased.

All i can say is that maybe some people just have more time on their hands than others.....

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Dmack793909d ago

not near as good as PS3 will do this year. Sony's line-up dwarfs M$'s and Nintendo's. All they have is SSBB and 2 or 3 other standout titles. Sony has.....y'know what I'm not even gonna say because:

1) Most of you if not all of you already know PS3's amazing line-up.

2)The AAA exclusive games are almost too numerous to count.

socsca3908d ago

I'm guessing you didn't finish school. I mean, if its almost too much to count to like 9-10...

"7... 8........ AAARRRRGHGHHHH! I always forget this one!!!"