Sony 2011 Fiscal Report: PS3 Trails 360 by 3.3 Million, Updated HW LTD Sale Figures

Sony Computer Entertainment released their 2011 Fiscal Year earning report this evening & with it comes updated hardware figures for their home consoles & portable – Sony’s 2011 fiscal year ran from April 2011 until the end of March 2012.

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Dante1122140d ago (Edited 2140d ago )

"The home console front, Sony’s PS3 was the best-selling home console moving 13.9 million units, whereas Microsoft’s Xbox 360 sold 13.6 million."

Nice. Guess there wasn't a 5 million lead as some suggested here earlier in the year. Glad to see Ps3 still selling well.

blue7_72140d ago (Edited 2140d ago )

It actually grew it was at 2.9 million and now it's at 3.3 million. No one suggested it was at 5 million lol.

I wonder why they didn't give vita numbers is it really doing that bad. They should just give it a price cut at this point.

What I don't understand is how can Sony lose so much money and still survive this is billions they are losing for years now. How do they stay a float? It's not because of the PS3 since apparently the PS3 price cut and lower hardware sales for it contributed to the $5.74 billion loss for Sony according to report. The division the playstation is in lost 2.8 billion for the year.

T9002140d ago (Edited 2140d ago )

Well obviously it must be the shareholders money that must have got butchered. I think in the current situation anyone will be reluctant to invest in Sony.

Once the investors dry out, Sony probably will find themselves in a tough spot(not to say they already arent).

Besides they are competing with giants like MS and probably Apple in the future. Both companies worth over 200B USD and 600B USD.

Ezio-Auditore002139d ago

They can't give it a price cut they've already lost 6.4 billion dollars. This is the reason why they cant give it a price cut

kikizoo2139d ago Show
portal_22139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

Eh, software?

Also, they're probably not going to show Vita numbers until it has a full year or full quarter behind it (WW).

ginsunuva2139d ago


They lose money largely on R&D. I know this personally. They need to stop the R&D.

gatormatt802139d ago

@blue7_7 I'm curious how the gap grew according to you, when according to this article Sony out sold Microsoft by 300k units.. Where did u get your numbers???

Clarence2139d ago

Actually its less than 3.3m. These numbers are from the end of March. Its now almost the middle of May.

Vita numbers aren't that great.

sly-Famous2139d ago

It actually didnt, the 2.9 million you are talking about was estimated by journalists while the real figures were closer to 3.9 million at the beginning of the year, so you see, it actually is in decline and the suggestion that it was 5 million behind was made by xbox mag late last year. Once again the misinformed posting on N4G.

andibandit2139d ago

How they stay afloat?

well they are cutting 10000 jobs, thats how.

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SuperLupe2140d ago

From the looks of it next gen is rolling in by the end of 2013.

Can we agree to agree that there is very little chance that Sony is passing MS this gen ?

badkolo2139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

not in usa it isnt sorry, this was meant for person below you

Half-Mafia2138d ago

This gen doesn't end when the next gen consoles are out. It ends when the last Wii, PS3, 360 console is sold and all 3 companies stop production.

Muerte24942139d ago

Playstation3 is still a couple of million behind xbox360. But it doesn't change the fact that it's been outselling the xbox360 since 2008. The 360 is already extremely cheap. If you're Microsoft, you have to be wondering what else can you do. I wouldn't be expecting new hardware so soon people. This isn't the kind of economy that you want to launch a new system. Nintendo is just updating their to compete with the HD.

modesign2139d ago

does microsoft get a medal for having a few million more console sales than sony, no.

the wii only sold 9 million console in past year. the ps3 is sold 16 million.

sony is still delivering AAA titles every season.

green2139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

PS3 did not sell 16 million consoles this financial year. They sold 13.9 million which is less than the previous year and less than their own estimates. It says so in the report or are you getting yout numbers from VGchartz?

Bigpappy2139d ago

Muerte writes: "If you're Microsoft, you have to be wondering what else can you do."

The short answer, is get some Japanese to buy their consoleat a simular ratio to how PS3 is sold in the Americas. If that would happen there would be no more talk about PS3 outselling 360. In Europe, it is pretty much even, and in the Americas 360 is hugely preferred. This is why 360 is able to sell so much more software and hence be profitable. Americas is the biggest markets with the most dispossible income.

Aloren2139d ago

"The 360 is already extremely cheap" ?

really ? The cheapest model is only $100 cheaper than it was 7 years ago,the HD + kinect bundle still goes for $400... I wouldn't call that cheap.
By comparison, the cheapest PS3 is $250 cheaper than it was 6 years ago, and PS2, which was a huge success, lost $150 in 4 years.

A 360 with a hard drive is now actually more expensive than a PS3 in the US...

And they haven't even cut the price in 2 years. Tf anything, the 360 is overpriced, certainly not extremely cheap... I bet they could easily cut the price at least 2 times (or 1 significant cutà before the next box is even released.

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Cocozero2140d ago

So the gap grew from under 2m to 3.3m? People need to ignore VGC and just trust MS and Sony numbers.

Dante1122140d ago

The gaming media had the PS3 at 5 million behind the 360. VGchartz had Sony at 2 million behind I think. So I guess the gap shrunk from 5 million to 3.3 million.

Moentjers2140d ago

All you need is a baseline that talks about the same figures:
- sold to end-user / shipped / sold-to retail
- replacements (rrod/ylod) added/subtracted ?
- same moment in time

otherwise: more food for discussions.

AsimLeonheart2140d ago

These numbers are from March. The fiscal year for Sony ended on March 2012 so it does not includes sales for April or may. VGchartz on the other hand constantly updates sales each week. Thus the difference.

Aloren2139d ago

Well, MS numbers were also from March... I seriously doubt the PS3 outsold the 360 by 1.5million in 6 weeks since it basically took 6 years to reduce the gap from 6 to 3.

IRetrouk2139d ago

Aloren, it was 10 mill to 3 not 6

Aloren2138d ago

It was never 10 mill. You really overestimate the performance of the 360 during it's 1st year... It went up to 7 or 8 by the end of the 2nd or 3rd year, can't remember, but the 360 never had a 10mill headstart.

kneon2139d ago

If you track the gap quarter to quarter you will see it bounces around quite a bit, though the over all trend is that it is shrinking.

Microsoft traditionally have the strongest 4th quarter of the calendar year so the gap seems to have grown after that quarter. But when you look at the whole year the gap shrinks because Sony sells more throughout the rest of the year.

BubloZX2139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

I thought the 360 sold the most in 2011 now its Sony if you base it on their fiscal year. But with wii u possibly coming this year I don't think the 360 will have the same affect it did over the holidays. I think the ps3 might close the gap to nothing this year and possibly beat the 360 mid 2013.

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units2140d ago

PS3 price cut and lower hardware sales contribute to $5.74 billion loss for Sony Corp

majiebeast2140d ago

155.1 million for the ps2 and it still sold 4million units this year its a juggernaut.

whoyouwit042139d ago

why is the ps2 still selling? I mean its cool that it is, but dam they don't even make games for it any more.

Ducky2139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

4 million people misread the box as 'ps3'. =p

Nah, I think PS2 still sells in some countries where its affordable to the masses and has a pretty big library.

roguewarrior2139d ago

If you bought a PS2 today, you have a selection of over 2000 games. Most of them can be found at a great price, and span most genres.