Baker shoots for Mom of the Year award with 'Skyrim' Alduin cake for son

XMNR: Remember that Alduin cake that Charm City Cakes made for the launch of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim? One Canadian mom may have just out done the professional cake and she did it for her son's birthday recently.

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dark-hollow2256d ago

"To top off the amount of detail she put into the cake, Vera even went the extra mile to translate "Happy Birthday Tim" into Dragon tongue and placed that on the base that Alduin sits on."

Coolest mother EVER!

Spenok2256d ago

I couldn't agree more. This is the most amazing piece of food i have every seen. It almost doesn't even look like food. Crazy amazing artist/baker!

TheModernKamikaze2256d ago

A mother's love.
Happy Mother's Day

floetry1012256d ago

That's ridiculous. It's like a collectable figurine, but you can eat it, and it's Skyrim.

If that kid ever complains, I fully permit the mother to make an ebony war axe cake to put him in order.

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