Twitter Is Pretty Sure Bioshock Infinite Has Become Duke Nukem Forever

Kotaku - Perhaps you heard today that Ken Levine and Irrational's much-hyped, ambitious Bioshock Infinite has been delayed until 2013.

Why was it delayed? Was it because it's a really ambitious-looking game that needs more time to be completed? Was it because they decided to add multiplayer? Or was it because the game is actually a flaming train-wreck that has been limping along for years, losing team members like they're going out of style while careening towards the release of a lackluster product that will disappoint the entire world?

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Stuart57562141d ago

DNF took years upon years upon years to make, jumping from one dev to the next, the creative minds that dreamt up Duke didn't deliver the final product, Infinite however is a different story, I'm gutted too that it's delayed but I'm sure Irrational and Ken have delayed it to make certain it's their best game to date,

da_2pacalypse2141d ago

Not to mention that the original game which was created was trashed because it looked too old (basically the development began all over again).

This is stupid, games have delays all the time. Hell, Valve ALWAYS delays games, and guess what... even the original bioshock was delayed. Dumb article

user54670072141d ago

It's not that bad

Twitter I would like to introduce to you a game I like to think of as Half life 3

EditorAtGNG2141d ago (Edited 2141d ago )

Truth be told, no one from Valve has ever (EVER) teased about an actual START on development for Half Life 3. For all we know, it might be Half Life 2: Episode 3 in the end... just saying.

Eiffel2141d ago

If I recall Valve has stated they're done with episodic releases. Half-Life 3 seems more logical at this point anyway.

Getowned2141d ago

I want Half life 3 soo badly :(

DigitalAnalog2141d ago

It makes the wait for FFvsIII less painful.

soundslike2141d ago

KOTAKU* is silly for publishing this bs. They are sinking lower and lower all the time.

Pintheshadows2141d ago

Twitter is still silly.

And hasn't Kotaku been silly forever? I think if you travelled back to the time of the sumerians they'd know that Kotaku was a joke.

JonahNL2141d ago

How the hell can one delay make Bioshock Infinite become a DNF?

People these days...

vortis2141d ago

Ya know, I'm thinking Infinite may be one of those games with the Peter Molyneux complex...and Irrational is trying to salvage it to try to make it live up to the hype so to speak.

I really doubt it has the DNF complex, where Irrational keeps trying to make more and more and more content for the game.

More than anything they're probably perplexed trying to fit new software advances in seven year old hardware.

You can only start comparing a game to DNF when it starts taking as long to come out as Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

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The story is too old to be commented.