Japanese prices revealed for Final Fantasy XIII-2 Snow, Lightning and other DLC

Square Enix has revealed the official Japanese pricing for the following Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC: The Snow and Valfodr “Arena of Eternity,” Lightning’s Story “Requiem of the Goddess,” Serah’s White Mage costume, Noel’s Black Mage costume and Moogle 16 piece costume set.

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Omnislash2084d ago

Is this DLC supposed to follow the ending of FF13-2??

iamtehpwn2084d ago (Edited 2084d ago )

Actually this Episode is what Lightning was doing the entire time during XIII-2, and is supposed to shed light on the ending of XIII-2.

Edit: I wonder why I disagree for stating a fact...

Omnislash2084d ago

Sounds kinda lame but at least it gives me a reason to pop iin the game after I platinumed it...

Lucretia2084d ago

im happy these episodes are coming out together, :D. i have so much free psn money it doesnt matter to me.

and u have disagree's because the ff haters are still hating on this game even tho its fun.

considering its a spin off thats better than the original is saying somethin. plus i want lightnings outfit XD.

ScubaSteve12084d ago

i wait for the goty edition

BigDollarZoe9542084d ago

dont think so but i will get the Lighting Story to see her story from a different perspective

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