GamerNode's Spec Ops: The Line Interview – “Some Days You Want Steak”

At first glance, 2K Game’s upcoming war odyssey Spec Ops: The Line looks like what you’d expect from a third-person military shooter, marked by desperation, betrayal, dark humor, and loads of guns. But there’s something hidden beneath the mountains of sand; something insidious bubbling within.

As Spec Ops unravels, players will be faced with choice, change and, as Lead Writer Walt Williams hopes, regret. We sat down with Williams at PAX East and discussed Nazis, what it means to be a game’s protagonist and bringing change to an exhausted military shooter genre.

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Murpho2112d ago

This game looks better the more I hear about it. A military shooter that actually looks into the ugly, psychological effects of warfare. Awesome.

DanCrabtree2112d ago

Super thoughtful interview. Love the perspective of a writer on a project like this.