GTA V in October 2012 - It’s Not That Crazy

MMGN: We should still be skeptical. Besides the BioShock delay, there’s little so suggest 2012 will be a GTA year. Yet, it’s not a completely crazy notion.

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joab7772258d ago

I say May 2013 is the it!

morganfell2258d ago

Agreed. We are inside a 6 month window and there hasn't been a word of a release date. Rockstar are not so arrogant that they feel they do not need pre-orders, and those pre-orders need to have already begun.

princejb1342258d ago

i can't wait for this game to come out=]
but I'm still concerned on how rockstar mentioned agent years ago and we still haven't seen gameplay for it
yet rumor has it gta v is coming out this year or first quarter next year with its recent announcement

WeskerChildReborned2258d ago

October will be one helluva month if GTAV come's out cause i'll have to get it as well as Assassins Creed 3.

jon12342258d ago

why dont they delay it to have a better playing game.... i hate when companys are forced to release crappy products

laid2rest2258d ago

You have to be kidding right? If the game is finished its finished. Theres nothing saying it coming out in October means its unfinished or forced. They've been working on this game for years.

jon12342258d ago

Ha, your finished games are sh**y bug infested version, if they delayed it to actually get a good game that doesn't have to be patche months after it is released, but the greedy companies and share holders just want the game out so that they could get richer while we have to deal with half assed games all because of the rush to get it out....

yezz2258d ago


we are not talking about cod here... gta v has been many years in development, why would rockstar wait over 4 years and then release the game unfinished?! like laid2rest said if the game is finished its finished... no one is forcing rockstar to release gta v, they will work until THEY are satisfied!!

Khordchange2258d ago

Well they barely have shown us anything, rockstar better show us a lot at E3

TLG19912258d ago

they never show us anything when its gta, they show the first trailer and thats pretty much it. it adds to the excitement unlike other games where its shows your the whole game in the trailers and theres no suprises, it just spoils it

EliteDave932258d ago

Doubt it. But i guess its not impossible.

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