Black Ops 2: First Call of Duty on PlayStation Vita?

JI writes, "If readers recall, Activision was on stage with Sony at the PlayStation Vita's debut in Tokyo, Japan at the PlayStation Meeting 2011 event and confirmed that Call of Duty as a franchise would arrive on the PlayStation Vita. Fast forward to now, the Vita is out on shelves and though they may have... "

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JRivera922177d ago

While this seems cool, I wonder what the layout will be seeing as how the Vita doesn't have back triggers and no L3 & R3.. Interesting nonetheless though.

WeskerChildReborned2177d ago

It will take advantage of the touchscreen.

JoGam2176d ago

As much as I hate Call of Duty, it will sell Vita's. If they put BO2 on Vita even I may buy it this time around.

Ult iMate2177d ago

It has a touchpanel on the back. The upper part is for L2/R2, and the lower part is for L3/R3. This type of controls is implemented in remote play on Vita.

mafiahajeri2177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

That seems hmm uncomfortable Ive tried the rear pad with other games and its annoying tbh really not practical.

Ult iMate2177d ago

All new control schemes are frustrating at first, but practice makes perfect.

mafiahajeri2177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

I was thinking they use the dpad for equipment like the claymore for example is right d pad on consoles they can button map grenades and other equipment on the d pad. Once you equip the grenade you use R1 to throw. Think of counter strike

It would sure as heck stop random grenades and the overall BS grenade kills. It would feel cool and different and would ultimately feel better than using the touch screen to throw a grenade.

As for knifing and sprinting I have no idea...

Fez2177d ago

Anyone know why vita's thumbsticks aren't pressable? Seems like such a missed opportunity. Is it cos of durability or something?

SandWitch2176d ago

I can't remember clearly, but I red somewhere that it's really hard to do it on a handheld.

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Akuma-2177d ago

If call of duty black ops 2 comes to vita with cross play between vita and ps3 then sales will skyrocket for ps vita.I'm not the biggest cod fan but I'd buy vita and ps3 versions of cod b.o. 2 if I'm able to play ps3 players from vita

Bathyj2177d ago


I dont think this is the BEST game Vita can have, but it will be a system seller, no doubt about it.

ooquis2177d ago

Cross play would make it a definitive buy for me.If they can pull it off,it would be huge.Not just for sony but us the gamer's as well.

MsSmiley72177d ago

I actually don't play that game. But I think it would be great to have it also in the vita. Since not everyone can afford a lot of consoles so I guess it's convenient to have them in both consoles.

TheLastGuardian2177d ago

I hope not. I thought this was going to be a brand new CoD made exclusively for the Vita.

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