P-body's Portal gun replica from 'Portal 2' coming soon

XMNR: NECA announced a new Portal gun replica on Wednesday as part of its partnership with Valve based on the model wielded by one of the co-op characters from Portal 2, P-Body.

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MultiConsoleGamer2231d ago

I'm a collector of prop replicas and that thing looks amazing. Do want!

user54670072230d ago

I wish my Chell Portal Gun would hurry up, I'm sure they keep delaying the orders.

NeloAnjelo2230d ago

I thought these pre-orders were already taken. I believe 5000 only are being made? $140. is good value. The thing lights up and actually makes the portal sounds from the game.

Queasy2230d ago

Yeah, pre-orders for a replica Chell gun sold out quickly at the start of May. This is a new batch made up like P-Body's gun.

NeloAnjelo2228d ago

Cheers mate. Gonna buy one!

TheModernKamikaze2230d ago

Isn't this illegal? Selling robot body parts? :)