First Impression of Spec Ops: The Line - LAG

LAG Writes: My First Impression of Spec Ops: The Line. It's and Interesting game, but I suggest you play the demo before running to your local store to buy it.

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Mutant-Spud2235d ago

I thought the demo was OK but God save us from gaming stereotypes, the witty but quirky White Sniper, the gruff and overly serious Black support gunner, the mentally tortured White commander with "issues from the past",'s not that the game is bad but even those stereotypes have been done better in the past.
The enemy AI seems almost nonexistent as in they just come in waves until you shoot them all and progress to the checkpoint but your teammates are typically useless, I heard "Hey check fire!' a few times because they'd run straight into the line of fire,
If this game reminds me of anything in terms of art style it's Bulletstorm, it's pretty and there are some nice vistas, it's not all totally drab and washed out.
I'd say, based on the demo this will be a game I'd be interested to pick up but only when it's on sale for $20.