Sony Unveils a New MID: the Mylo 2

Ed Hardy writes:

"Sony has taken the wraps off an updated version of its mobile Internet device (MID), called the mylo COM-2. Like its predecessor, this can access the web and make Skype calls over Wi-Fi, and it also includes some additional features, like a built-in camera."

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captainpwn3964d ago

But, this device is nothing compared to the iPod Touch. The way you have to use arrows to scroll around rather than just flicker. The way you use buttons to zoom in rather than pinching or double tapping. The way the browser is a lot slower than Safari and the fact that it only has 1gb of storage. No wifi music downloads, an ugly external keyboard, and lack of all the cool apps when you have a jailbroken Touch makes me happy I bought an iPod Touch instead.

And keep in mind, they both cost the same price. $299 for an 8gb iPod Touch or $299 for a 1gb MYLO.

whoelse3963d ago

Did anyone ever by the originals? Why are they still making them.

Gondee3962d ago

The ipod touch isnt a phone. -_-

TheMART3964d ago

No need, with the PSP, cam add on and the keyboard that will release there is much, much more functionality

captainpwn3964d ago

Aw, but you wouldnt know since your head is too high up Bill Gates' ars.

TheMART3964d ago

No that's not why. I just don't get that remote play.

I want to play the best console at a large HDTV, the XBOX 360
I wish to play the PSP wherever I don't have that option.

Remote play, nice gimmick, but not my cup of tea. Little Big Planet would be fun on my PSP though.

wildcat3963d ago

Access to all of your music, videos, and pictures is well worth it.

Also, if you're at work on a Thursday, the ability to access the PSN store over Wi-Fi and download directly to the PS3 is enough to justify it as more than a gimmick.

Partisan3964d ago

im more interested in PSP since it can do skypes,games,web,GPS,camera,Re moteplay over PS3.

hella whip3964d ago

Whats the point in this product?!? PSP is much better.

Clinton5143964d ago

But I can't think of having an actual use for it.

captainpwn3963d ago

This device is as useless as the XBOX 360.

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