Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots playable from start to finish

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is now playable from start to finish, and on track for a near simultaneous Q2 release in all major territories.

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Joey Gladstone3936d ago

SNAKE for President in 2008!!!!!!!!!!!.......all Xbroke360 fans bow to the GLORY that is MGS4 ..............."The JOEY has Spoken"

CeruleanSky3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

And that is why this game is going to get hammered in 'reviews' from the usual Xbot sites like EGM/1Up.

MGS4 is going to getting lots of 8/10s and maybe even some 7s:

"Didn't live up to the hype"

Konami really should float a false MGS4 on 360 quote just before reviewers get the game so it can get honest reviews and not Xbot sour grapes and tantrums over the game not coming to their platform.

mikeslemonade3936d ago

Told you fanflops that the game wasn't going to get delayed. And it's probably been playable from start to finish for about a month already anyway.

Lifendz3936d ago

I give you the system seller. The game that will move Sony ahead of MS. This is it. The start of their ending begins! PS3 in '08!!!

TANOD3936d ago

The XTARDS keep removing our bubbles since you dont add any.

anyone who talks favourably looses his bubbles abruptly. However it is vice versa for the XTARDS

PLEASE do give bubbles among yourselves

I am down to 2 BTW

That Round BOT/Bloodmask and gang removed almost all my bubbles

sonarus3936d ago

@ceruleansky. There are certain games you cannot give bad reviews for fear of loss of credibility. If mgs4 gets 10's and 9.8's as it should and then 1up tosses an 8.5... they lose their credibility instantly. At this stage mgs4 is pretty much a confirmed epic all they need is excellent marketting

AngryTypingGuy3935d ago

"People PLEASE do give bubbles among yourselves
The XTARDS keep removing our bubbles since you dont add any."

I very rarely try to take someone's bubbles away. They have to be REALLY annoying for me to do that. I prefer to out-debate them if I disagree with them, and try to defeat them with logic. It's much more satisfying.

To anyone reading this, I urge you to NOT take away someone's bubbles because you simply disagree. If you disagree with a post, then reply with a better one. Only take away bubbles if the person is being a real prick. To take away bubbles because someone says Xbox or PS3 is better is lame and petty.

Blackfrican3935d ago

Wowz i love snake. I have had my playstasian now and watched video and snake does good job killing people with the ball grab. Also i like the definition on snakes ass, very lifelike. I tried one snake move when i was in greece, and the people laughed at me when i grabbed the statues balls but i thought they would think i was part of the statue like snake! I need snake suit!. I think if they add sexy little girls with pretty colored hair but not wearing much clothes but make sure they had on sexy clothes with thong hang out yea! Then this game definately will be 10/10 triple A.

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Hydrollex3936d ago

True or False ?

Agree and Disagree

skyline20033936d ago

As the saying goes.. "Never say never"

mikeslemonade3936d ago

I think 360 will get it but it will have zero impact because it will be more than a year after the PS3 release before they get it. We're getting Mass Effect and Bioshock anyway.

Bubble Buddy3936d ago

But skyline, you said "never" 2 times already

PhiI Harrison3936d ago

how will it have MGS4? There are many problems with that. For example:
MGS4 will take well more than 4.8GB of data (which is the maximum capacity of the 360).
MGS4's frame rate would be lower due to the small processing power.
MGS4 was BUILT for the PS3, so it would definitely play better on it.
MGS4 was confirmed PS3 only. Why would they change their minds?
and so much more . . .

QuackPot3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

Never say never when it comes to $$$$.

But the xbox 360 has the Splinter Cell series. The stealth gameplay is more straight-forward and realistic than MGS.

I'm a Sony fanboy and I would choose SC over MGS any day....although I'd still end up buying MGS as it's still a great series.

BLuKhaos3935d ago

you stupid little blind bat the 360 uses DVD9's not DVD5's

RudeSole Devil3935d ago

MGS4 will not come to the Xbox 360, or until the exclusivity contract expires. Anyway you are restarted, before you post try using google.

SL1M DADDY3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

Restarted? lol

Oh the irony!

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whoelse3936d ago

This is so good news. They just need to sort out the bugs if they can find any :)

MaximusPrime3936d ago

i think they are looking for bugs at the mo. Good to check before releasing the game.

whoelse3936d ago

Yeah that's pretty much what i said.

Lifendz3936d ago

That's why the game was delayed the first time out. Truth be told, I should be enjoying this game right now and serving you fools in MGS online but I'm not because they wanted to fix bugs. They want to make the game perfect. Kojima is a genius. He got the extra time and he was sorry to ask for it. The game is done and just being touched up here and there. I don't know why Sony plays it close like this, but they own the best in house studios, have Insomniac making gems like Ratchet and Resistance, and Square is going to drop the RPG beast that is Final Fantasy.

MS, you tried. You honestly did. You gave it a good run but the console game aint for everyone.

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LOFT3163936d ago

That can truly be looked upon as Next gen!!
Can't wait

Pandaren003936d ago

People should at least see what this game is gonna offer, and more marketing = more sales

Lifendz3936d ago

Black screen...words come up "One of many reasons to own a PS3"

music starts: "Are you readdddddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy y!!!!"

Footage plays over music. Shows both single player mode and the all-new Metal Gear Solid online.

After 20 seconds, the screen fades to black.

words come up: "Exclusive to PS3. Metal Gear Solid 4"

Console war over.

Lifendz3936d ago

Opera like Music starts.
Shows footage of the original Metal Gear.
Words state: "Everything has a beginning..."
Shows footage of Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3
Then words state: "and an ending..."
Fades into the fight between Vamp and Raiden
Shows the entire fight.
Fades out: "Metal Gear Solid 4. Only on PS3"

Sevir043935d ago

i'm guessing they are gonna go as far as putting it in select movie theatres as a preview before some of the biggest movies of the summer. like what epic and MS did 2 months before gears was to release... best beleave Sony and Kojima will do this considering sony is also funding the the MGS movie as well.. espect something of a high calibur for this game and KZ2 as well. the only thing else Sony needs to do is bundle this in the states with the 40gig and then market it as such and thats when you see the justifications of the PS3 really harness...

This is a juggarnaut that cant be stopped. all 3 territories all withing the same week. thats fantasic, easily 1 million in each territory in the first 30 minutes... especially if they ship in the a very large quantity.

Q2... Snake day is near;y upon us... get ready to mark you callenders, because thats the very same day we'll see people like POG, zhuk and The Mart walk out of there local eletronic stores with a face of great remorse because they soiled their hand with touching a PS3 and they are gonna hate it but love it ^^