The Nintendo Wii and point and click - the next Wii Sports?

Like fish and chips, cheese and pineapple and peanut butter and jelly, some things are just meant to be together. From the beginning of the Nintendo Wii's life, it's been a no-brainer that the Wii Remote is the perfect fit for point-and-click adventure titles. With Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barboros' Treasure wowing critics and gamers across the globe (even if its sales have been utterly disappointing) and the recent revelation that Sam & Max will be sleuthing on the machine soon, Nintendic puts together a wish list of other adventures in the genre that would be perfect for the Wii and asks whether such games still have a place alongside the likes of first-person shooters, giant MMORPGs other photo-realistic, fast-paced experiences.

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Pandaren003542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

point and click is AWESOME </sarcasm>

ChickeyCantor3542d ago

O look its god it must be true.

KeiZka3541d ago

Point & click... you know how strategy games have been done usually, aye? Do not underestimate it. Also, RPGs will be a lot easier to create with point'n'click interface.

wiizy3541d ago

i hope the wii gets a bunch of interesting new ones