Skylanders is bigger than Angry Birds, says Activision Blizzard

With Skylanders, Activision Blizzard has another big hit series on its hands. And it’s bigger than Angry Birds. Looks like their massive gamble paid off.

In a conference call today, Eric Hirshberg, CEO of the Activision Publishing division, made a surprisingly direct statement on the success of Skylanders, the new toy/video game hybrid for consoles and iOS devices. With 30 million toys sold and $100 million in revenue across toys and games in the quarter, said Hirshberg, Skylanders made more money than the entire business of Rovio’s Angry Birds franchise. Rovio announced today that Angry Birds has been downloaded more than 1 billion times, across both free and paid versions.

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Snookies122144d ago

Man they've really sucked in those kids lol.

GraveLord2144d ago

What's wrong with that? They are a business and are creating fun games that kids will enjoy. Combining toys and games. It's perfect for kids. Before you know it they'll be playing the big boy games like Call of Duty.

AWBrawler2144d ago

LOL at COD being a big boy game

NYC_Gamer2144d ago

What's next for Activision?>

papashango2144d ago

Im genuinely happy for Activision. More incentive for them to jump on the mobile bandwagon after CoD dies and not ruin another genre.

arbitor3652144d ago

if they want to make a toy/game combination to rake in kids' money, fine. but why drag spyro into it? hasnt that franchise been raped enough?

mr_badhand2144d ago

why not? When was Spyro relevant? At least now he's getting the popularity he deserves. Plus he's one of the best characters in the game.

Snookies122144d ago

He was relevant during the PS1 days... I loved the first three Spyro games, they were genuinely good for their time.

arbitor3652144d ago

i guess you werent around in the 90s.

kids these days.....

MoveTheGlow2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

Because they own the IP already, and people who played Spyro as teens on the PS1 are now at the age where they could be popping out kids of their own. It's the same reason why they're rebooting 80's franchises right now - you'll bring your kids to that movie because *you* want to know what's going on with that franchise, for better or worse.

Look, I'm not going to play Skylanders, but that doesn't mean that I think the "activate locked content using toys" scheme isn't freaking brilliant. As a kid, you're like OMG MY TOY IS IN THE GAME, WTFMAGIC!!! As an adult, you've gotta admire the business plan on this one - Activision may be awful in most cases, but here, whatever team they supported to invent this crazy thing had a wonderful idea, and it was a good investment on their part to support the team.

IOW, they don't care about a few outlying older fans of Spyro that think their clunky-platformer mascot has been mistreated. They've got work to do, and it's bigger than the few of us that remember just how bad the voice acting was in that first PS1 game.

However, we're also looking at a glaring lack of games where you can play as a friggin' dragon. Make it so, devs!

--Onilink--2144d ago

i guess this kinda means the end of spyro, now he will be just another character in this franchise... that sucks, the spyro games in PS1 were amazing

DFresh2144d ago

F*** you Activision for ruining one of my favorite childhood gaming franchises.
Also Insomniac is an idiot for selling their franchise to another developer.

kingdavid2144d ago


I've always prefered Rayman and Jak and Daxter.

aPerson2144d ago

Insomniac never owned the rights to the Spyro franchise, much like Naughty Dog never owned the rights to Crash Bandicoot. Both IPs were originally owned by Universal Interactive Studios

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