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New Resident Evil 6 Details Confirmed; New Screenshots Included

Some new details and screenshots about Capcom's highly anticipated installment, Resident Evil 6. (PS3, Resident Evil 6, Xbox 360)

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Nostalgia  +   1369d ago
Sorry capcom.
You've screwed me over one too many times so I'm not going to buy your games any more.
Batzi  +   1368d ago
that's a stupid thing to say. When COD3 was released I thought COD was dead and said to myself the same exact thing but I soon learned I was mistaking and pre-judged the situation, COD4 was born and changed the way we play FPS. Be optimistic.
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Nostalgia  +   1368d ago
FACTUAL evidence  +   1368d ago
Had hope for RE6, but all I see it as now is a freaking action game, with last minut ,e plots....Wesker's son?! Not only that, but soon as I read the zombies holding pipes and guns, and you can hurry and disarm them.....I'm like, yeah...i'll get this used in 2014.
Virtual_Reality  +   1368d ago
But what happened after COD 4? The series went to downhill, specially Online.

''- Zombies will now wield axes, pipes and guns. If properly disarmed, these can be used against them.

- Zombies can now dash, jump and climb.''

^^^^^ And Capcom call this ''Zombies''?
wolokowoh  +   1368d ago
The only problem is RE4 would be COD4 in your analogy and COD hasn't done a lot to change it up since and many argue it's gotten worse rather than better. If RE5 was RE4 quality(how they set up the ambience and pacing, even if it wasn't scary), very few would have complained. That said I have still high hopes for Leon's campaign in RE6 after playing RE: Revelations which seems to be where they're going with it. That said RE4 and RE2 are still my favorites which is the main reason I have high hopes(aka Leon is in it)
tigertron  +   1368d ago
@ Virtual_Reality

About sprinting zombies that can jump and climb...think 28 Days Later zombies. It actually sounds pretty awesome, with the exception of them holding weapons of course.

Anyway the only reason I'm buying RE6 is because of Leon's segment. Hopefully its not short...
Kurylo3d  +   1368d ago
these arent zombies... zombies dont use guns... your iether the slow brain dead walking corpse... or the rage virus type stuff u see in movies these days.. which (lets face it) arent smart there just really pissed off.

This whole zombies use guns and stuff is just lame.. lets face it the whole point they wobble around is cause part of their brain is destroyed.. the whole point they attack people is cause part of their brain is destroyed and there hungry... the whole reason they dont eat other zombies is cause its a natural response to be able to smell rotting meat and not want it. Zombies just need to feed.. thats it.. the rest of the brain is gone ... so now there trying to make intelligent zombies to make it more action like... which kind of takes any sort of scientific explanation and throws it out the window. Not to mention is thats not scary... ur better off just letting us run around shooting at umbrella swat team guys. There lucky the graphics look hot... cause thats all they got goin for them.
Batzi  +   1368d ago

down hill? really? sales show otherwise. They added and changed alot of things since COD4 man and I am only talking about Infinity Ward games. Of course the core gameplay mechanics didn't change because why would they? They are almost perfect and every other shooter is copying them and making it a standard in their games and I wouldn't blame them. Don't change what is not broken.
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badz149  +   1368d ago
"sales show otherwise"

uh, because sales = quality, right?

zeddy  +   1368d ago
some people are moaning bitches i tell ya. the isnt even out yet.
ThePsychoGamer  +   1369d ago
Sounds like Capcom isn't even going to try and pretend that RE6 will be an actual survival horror game.
Fez  +   1369d ago
Oh no, remember just yesterday they said "we're moving away from action".
No way would they just say that to please fans of the old games.

They have to make an action game though, they just shouldn't pretend they're doing otherwise. Sure they could nerf the controls and give you back awful camera angles to make it scary again to please the tens of people who want it to go back to its roots but that would result in awful reviews and poor sales.
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chadachada123  +   1368d ago
You can have decent controls while still being survival-horror, though.

One of the primary ways to do so is to limit available ammo and give you options to run away instead of fighting every monster.
Kurylo3d  +   1368d ago
Camera angles arent what make a survival horror game scary. Atmostphere is. Action games arent scary.. giving u tons of ammo and the ability to woop everything in site is not scary. When 1 zombie can kill you.. thats scary.

I dont want to journey all over the world fighting terrorists with bio weapons. I want a mystery to solve and strange creatures that make me piss myself that i dont understand. I want something that feels like it can exist in the real world... not the injection 1 second and building sized monster the next second...crap that we have been getting from the latest RE games.

Where the heck does the energy come from for the cells to grow that fast? I mean I understand if it kept on eating and eating and eating... but these monsters just materialize out of thin air.. its lazy writing cause they dont wanna be bothered with explaining anything... they just wanna say oh look its a new virus.
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roadkillers  +   1368d ago
To be fair, when the game was announced Capcom did say that Leon's story would be a throwback to old Resident Evil games when Chris's would be more action oriented... and to be honest I liked both types in the past.
LUCKYXS7LEVEN  +   1368d ago
yea but i bet leons story would be shorter like 45 mins and then Chris will be the whole game . but if we expect something more well it's on the disc . We just have to pay for it to unlock more of leons chapters
Kurylo3d  +   1368d ago
lol.. if we expect something more.. its on the disc.. i totally agree.. except the something more will be DLC that comes on the disc lol. Its capcom.. there greedy.
user5467007  +   1369d ago
"Zombies will now wield axes, pipes and guns. If properly disarmed, these can be used aganist them."

"Zombies can now dash, jump and climb"

I hate how they are trying to call them Zombies to make people think that they have listened to complaints and brought back Zombies like the "good old days" when really they havent. These things arn't Zombies so I don't see why they are tyring to trick people into thinking that they are. They're basicaly an improved Las Plagas, I'm guessing the Master Plagas Sample Wesker took from Ada (need to see how he got it from her) has been fused with the T-Virus.

It's sad because people are actualy falling for this

"Players can move and shoot, run into cover and dive onto the ground and fire while on their backs."

Funny I remember an article not to long ago saying they are moving away from Action...pfffft yeah ok Capcom.

"All new Mercenaries Mode is available Day 1 for everybody, no DLC stipulations"

I hope to god they will FINALLY add differen't modes to this. I can't be the only one who wants a no Time Limit mode, I want to see how long I can last without getting those stupid clocks. They could add challenge modes aswell..."Kill 20 enemies with a Shotgun" "Disarm 10 enemies" "Don't kill any enemies for 5 minutes"

"A tramatic event occurs in Chris Redfield’s life during his mission in Lianshang, China. This completely changes his personality to a more cryptic and pessimistic Chris Redfield"

and yet his best friend, long term partner and maybe even a love interest Jill, the one who should be supporting him is no where to be seen and has been replaced by a no name character we'll probably not care about, just like Sheva, Jessica, Parker or any other character who they try and introduce instead of adding old fan favorites who havent been heard from for years...cough cough Barry/Rebbeca/Billy/Claire. Come on Capcom you do this to Chris and Jill isn't there to support him. Will we ever see a RE game where they are both together for the full game.

You would think because Bioterrorism has become such a big thing in RE that the surviving STARS members would all be involved in the BSAA and be with Chris on his mission. I know it would seem oer crowed but thats the point I;m trying to make get rid of the characters we won't care about and the add the ones we do care for. I want to know more about Barry Burton and Rebbeca, what have they been up to during RE4/5.

"Ada Wong is somehow responsible for the Tragic event in China, which sets Chris on a rampage after her."

This is what relaly bugs me...why would she do this, this isn't Adas style. She's not a cold hearted killer, she only kills the people the Organization tells her to. It's why she's saved Leon in the past when she was working for Wesker and wouldn't kill him. This Ada has to be a clone or someone else completely. Maybe Wesker did something to her when he went after the Master Plagas sample when she betrayed him.

I musn't be the only one who feels this way about Ada

Anyway I have low expectations for this, it just seems like they never took anything into account with all the complaints from RE5. I mean co-op is still in this, that says it all really.
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ThatEnglishDude  +   1369d ago
Nice post! I agree with what you put. Although, about Chris' life changing event - does anyone really give a shit about Chris Redfield as a character? I mean, none of the characters in Resident Evil have ever really been interesting. Why does Capcom insist on forcing these characters and tired old over arching plot down our throats?
LUCKYXS7LEVEN  +   1368d ago
what really got me off the hype boat was when he said " were taking the best parts of RE4 and RE5"............wait, RE5 had best parts? which one because i sure felt pretty bored right after ch2
Redempteur  +   1368d ago
Well nice post overall , nice ideas for mercenaries as well ..

For Ada , she has her reasons..i won't think too much about it before playing the full game
user5467007  +   1368d ago
"Well nice post overall "

Thank You

I agree that she has her reasons but to kill a ton of people by her own hand, it's really out of character. She's the type who wouldn't care who gets killed by someone else, like Umbrella killing people or the Organization but she's never came across the type to do so by her on hand unless they are trying to kill her or are in her way.

I really wanted the Leon and Ada relationship to develop more but now that they've changed her character to a massive cold hearted killer that will never happen, I feel like she may be killed off in this game.

I still have hopes though that it might not be her...I know I know the clone idea is ridiculous but if it means saving her character then so be it, it's not like Capcom havent already ruined the story already will silly plotlines. Either that or "her reasons" are good enough to justify her actions

You know it's funny she's appearing out of character and she dosen't quite look like her self...something seems off with her new design.
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Redempteur  +   1368d ago
Well maybe she was out of character in teh previous games ( since we all knew she had a hidden agenda ), maybe it's not really the same Ada as before , maybe something else .

as i said it's pointless to worry about Ada until we know her motives this time and the plot surronding this shangai mess ..maybe the mass killing is another accident she took responsability for ? The possibilities are endless ...
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xXBlondieVanHarlowXx  +   1368d ago

Ugh here we go again

"Players can move and shoot, run into cover and dive onto the ground and fire while on their backs."

I'm pretty sure every RE character in history could do this. The only difference in that they can now do it outside of cutscenes. Everyone watches in awe as Leon backflips and dodges 10 lasers at a time yet he does a simple dive and it's branded as too much Action, the game is ruined.

"Ada Wong is somehow responsible for the Tragic event in China, which sets Chris on a rampage after her."

We have no clue who Ada really is or her motivations. It feels like we've never really gotten a chance to know her like we know everyone else.

"She's not a cold hearted killer"

Well she stole the las plagas and (possibly) handed them to Wesker causing god knows how many deaths in Africa. Cold enough for ya?

" It's why she's saved Leon in the past"
Easy, she fell in love with him during the events of RE2. I'm guessing she doesn't get many people who actually care for her in her line of work.

"adding old fan favorites who havent been heard from for years...cough cough Barry/Rebbeca/Billy/Claire.&am p;am p;am p;qu ot;

Don't want you to think my whole post is negativity lol i completely agree but i can't imagine Chris allowing his baby sister to join the BSAA. And Billy wouldn't exactly make sense as i'm sure he's still a wanted criminal.

As for the zombies with guns and pipes i have but 1 thing to say..... /W//T//F/
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user5467007  +   1368d ago
"I'm pretty sure every RE character in history could do this. The only difference in that they can now do it outside of cutscenes. Everyone watches in awe as Leon backflips and dodges 10 lasers at a time yet he does a simple dive and it's branded as too much Action, the game is ruined"

Cutscenes are differen't to gameplay, theres been many games showing characters doing stuff which you can't do in the game, it's because it would feel out of place within the gameplay and genre of the game

"but i can't imagine Chris allowing his baby sister to join the BSAA. And Billy wouldn't exactly make sense as i'm sure he's still a wanted criminal."

Jill, Barry and Rebbeca could be with Chris, as I've said in my post above, the STAR members should of all joined the BSAA and be with Chris.

Claire should of been with Leon especialy since Leon bumps into Sherry

"Well she stole the las plagas and (possibly) handed them to Wesker causing god knows how many deaths in Africa. Cold enough for ya?"

Perhaps you should watch the end of RE4 again because Ada didn't give the sample to Wesker, she betrayed him and give him a fake one.

Quote from Ada

"Wesker isn't stupid, tough times lay in wait"

He must of came for her, I highly doubt she would let it go without a fight so I wonder if he did something to her, although since she called him a "fool" and a "colossal imbecile".
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Kyosuke_Sanada  +   1368d ago
Well said.

Capcom is looking at the wrong avenues to increasing the difficulty of zombies. Seeing that Leon's has his trademark roundhouse kick and Chris can now punch zombies into next Tuesday, developers believe by making them more human would balance it out which once again takes off major points in the horror experience.

The original Resident Evil series already had concepts which with careful tuning can not only bring back the "survival" in this former game but doesn't need to remove the current counter attacks so players will be limited.

I already gave an idea in a previous post months ago;

"You are armed with a knife, slicing it's eyes then following with a kick knocks the zombie to the floor but hand to hand combat never kills a zombie but gives a chance to escape. The distance a monster can be knocked away should be truncated as well.

If the zombie manages to grab a hand on you, these creatures are much stronger than a human so it will drain HP as he tries to grab a hold on you (3 times and you are dead at full HP). If you armed with a knife once again, as you mash the X button to escape, a "!" prompt can show in the ammo counter to signal you pressing a defensive button. This stab the monster in the head, cutting down the time you are in engaged with it and starts to make the monster bleed out to die a few seconds after. However, you are no longer armed with the knife until the creature is dead."

This shows that raising the bar in any genre never requires you to throw away what you already established but keep past elements and add improvements to them further establish the identity of the game.
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GamersXTREME  +   1368d ago

Very well said. I must say you definitely put a good amount of thought into this. This is a comment you should put directly on the site of the article, if you don't mind. :)

I actually enjoyed reading everyone's responses here on the article so far! Interesting to see everyone's personal thoughts about how RE6 is panning out.
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ChickeyCantor  +   1368d ago
" like the "good old days"

Any RE fan knows that the base Virus developed to further stages.

It was bound to happen.
user5467007  +   1368d ago
Any RE fan would of known they were going to use the normal T-Virus in RE5 before they added co-op.

Just normal, average Zombies like the ones in RE1-3.

They were going to be the main ememy in RE5 but they cut them out and added the Las Plagas again. If they were going to do that then it shows you that they didn't plan on developing the T-Virus futher into a new over the top virus.

They can do it...they just don't want to listen.
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WeskerChildReborned  +   1369d ago
Zombies with guns........
dalibor  +   1369d ago
I always thought a zombies main weapon was to grab ya and eat you for dinner. But what do I know right? These zombies are the ones from COD haha.
LUCKYXS7LEVEN  +   1368d ago
no i think there coming from George's movie Land of the dead
Daver  +   1368d ago

Exactly my thought.
jeeves86  +   1369d ago
Lord_Sloth  +   1369d ago
TheModernKamikaze  +   1369d ago
JaredH  +   1369d ago
So the zombies aren't zombies but are called zombies just so people think there's zombies? I just can't wait for a zombie to shoot at me with a gun...
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LUCKYXS7LEVEN  +   1368d ago
Yo Dawg!! i heard you like guns and zombies? so we put some guns with your zombies while your zombies have guns
J86blum  +   1368d ago
I hate the term zombie being thrown around, the fodder enemie are just bio weapons nothing more, to say they are of the zombie nature is kind of null. granted Romero uses the term but in his films show them getting smater..but the last 2 or 3 of his films I did not like, LAND of The DEAD was the last good one and even then that had the zombies with weapons.

outside of that sounds cool, I wonder if Jill V. maybe did bite the bullet making chris the EMO character (RE4 Joke), and the playing as Leon in a university is cool remindes me of Obscure and being in the highschool. Btw I feel the wesker son thing is just tacked on.. when everyone (self included) thought he could of been HUNK the char seemed alot cooler, had more merit of being in the title, and perhaps could of solved some things.

All I ask for is in the end after you beat the game I can co-op any part of the game with my two choice chars. Leon and Chris. and now that the president is toat and Leon is withouth a job he will join Chris and the BSAA, im sure he has alot of cool info he could give them.

P.S am I the only one who thinks its cool that they gave chris his red hair again, he has not had it since RE1 I believe.

PPS-"Wheres Barry, Rebecca, Ashley, Carlos, Claire, and Jill, my point is for a Horror title alot of people live."
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LUCKYXS7LEVEN  +   1368d ago
all of those characters were replaced by tofu and can be seen in the shanghai district where Chris pushes people away
J86blum  +   1368d ago
Yes Tofu name drop lol.. thats what the virus should of been, turning everyone one into tofu's.

Now thats a new kind of Horror.
j-blaze  +   1368d ago
i trust Capcom, and this going to be one of game of the year contenders!
can't wait!

@ teh funneh guy below...

Capcom RULES
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Hellsvacancy  +   1368d ago
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bahabeast  +   1368d ago
im ready 4 it, IMO zombie games have become too slow and borring predictable its about time someone gave it a twist. :)
Derek-Flint   1368d ago | Spam
MidnytRain  +   1368d ago
"All new Mercenaries Mode is available Day 1 for everybody, no DLC stipulations."

PersonMan  +   1368d ago
Can we walk and aim at the same time yet? That's the only thing that bothered me in RE5. I hate standing still while aiming. I like to strafe.
chadachada123  +   1368d ago
I personally would like to be able to walk while *aiming*, but being forced to stand while *firing.* I think that would bump up the tension while attempting a semblance of realism.
MadMen  +   1368d ago
Is this a bad dream? Capcom your killing me , the milking is ridiculous in all truth RE 1, 2 and veronica were the only games that were even worth a purchase since then its been down hill
meowthemouse  +   1368d ago
And somehow this will be the best selling resident evil.
Red_Eye  +   1368d ago
I don't like how they say Leon's mission will be a 'throwback' to old RE with horror etc. They make it sound like that's the only section that will only have tension and horror.

Nevertheless, I love Leon so I'll be picking this up (eventually) just for Leon's part.
Roccetarius  +   1368d ago
Well, Capcom is certainly not trying to hide the abomination their franchises become. RE6 is only at the top of their list.
theEx1Le  +   1368d ago
IDK, see I want the zombies of old too, but the RE storyline was always focused on zombies, even though thats not what the game was about as they were an outcome of failed experiments. Its always been about creating bioweapons, which you have to expect some sort of natural progression I suppose.
gam3fr33k  +   1368d ago
Am I the only one pumped for moving and shooting?
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   1368d ago
It says moving and shooting. It doesn't say we can do them at the same time. Let's hope it means what we think it means though.
GamersXTREME  +   1368d ago
The "moving and shooting" means you'll be able to do both at the same time. In the way you were able to do that in RE: The Mercenaries 3D and RE: Revelations, the same will be in place here thankfully.
chukamachine  +   1368d ago
I think resident evil is done tbh.

I much prefered the earlier versions.

RE5 was the worst one i've ever played, graphics were ok, but most of it was poor.
NeXXXuS  +   1368d ago
I want SURVIVAL HORROR. Not another crappy action game... Bring Shinji Mikami back please.
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   1368d ago
"Wesker’s son’s name is Jake Muller, who is a mercenary fighting in Europe with the goal of earning cash for him and his mother."

I'm done...
Neo-Axl  +   1368d ago
Can't wait to play Leons story, It's only fitting that he gets the Horror side of the game, Resident Evil 2 & 4 were both brilliant, especially RE2. I just hope they bring back the Good old 'Safe' room & the Type writer! Haha only true way to bring back that classic RE feeling!
pandehz  +   1368d ago
Resident Evil: Duty Calls
D3mons0ul  +   1368d ago
When they talk about the zombies, my guess is that there are 2 or more different types in different locations.

The zombies we see Leon fighting = old school, slow, shamblin' motherfuckers

The zombies chris fights = fast, more "human" in appearance.

So I don't take that to mean that ALL zombies will be able to use guns or knives or be able to jump or climb.
nihonlight  +   1368d ago
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nihonlight  +   1368d ago
Zombies with weapons!!??? WHAT THE @$#&%!!!???
The good old RE is gone. Next the zombies will talk drive cars and have jobs.
But that will be on disc dlc and cost 10$ each.
noctrnl13  +   1368d ago
The lack of vision on this site kills me. I've endured too many unnecessary rampages in the past few days. Gamers have to be the most fickle crowd known to man, I'm sure a mentally handicapped writer could create a sequel to A Tale Of Two Cities that'd be more well received than any game that deviates from the tried and true formula of the past.

All I hear for months leading up to and after the release of Modern Warfare 3 is how similar it is to past COD and how it doesn't do anything to innovate the franchise and yet and still when someone attempts to deviate from what you already know you whimper like school girls. Honestly the double standards blow my mind. RE:4 was considered one of the best in the franchises with many praising (as well as criticizing) the shift in mechancis and camera. Capcom hears you out and uses the same mechanics again in RE:5 everyone cries about how you can't move and shoot and how it feels like a re-skinned version of RE:4 and how nothing has changed whine, whine, whine. Capcom again hears all of you out and attempts to appease everyone in RE:6. They continue the story of Chris, bring back Leon, and throw in a twist with Wesker's son. All I hear is incessant bitching, "what you can move and shoot?! Not what we asked for, no we want to stand and shoot. Why change what wasn't broken?" You have to be kidding me. They have a diving mechanic and a cover mechanic two things which I think will add interesting ways to play not only Chris' story but Leon's as well. (Hiding from zombies anyone?) You asked for a more mobile character and they have gifted you with one.

In my opinion Capcom is more fan oriented than most developers they understand some fans are militant adherents to the "glory days" of RE and are staunch supporters of the survival horror stand and shoot version of the game. They gave you Leon's campaign. For those of us who wanted to see a more agile character one actually exemplifies the special forces training and skills of the characters they give us Chris' story. To throw in a twist and add to the next chapter of RE and possibly fill the void of Big Bad left by Wesker's death and perhaps explore a tender side of a man we only know as a cold-hearted killer they give us his son's story. What game dev do you know who would go through the trouble of creating 3 different intertwining stories that all feel different to ease the transition and appeal to longtime fans as well as new ones? Do you even hear yourselves? You're shooting a product down that you have no hands on experience with. I can't wait for this game to come out and blow everyone away. It sounds like the argument against MGS4 when it was revealed they redid the shooting mechanic allowing for Snake to pull off more "action-y" moves. Everyone cried foul and screamed how Kojima was ruining the stealth feel of the franchise. Wrong, MGS4 is one of my favorite MGS and I played the entire game without being detected as well as running through the game killing everything in sight. I like the ability to embody two extremes in one game, why be pidgeon holed to one experience?
noctrnl13  +   1368d ago
I swear some of you are so dense it's like attempting to explain to wonders and ingenuity of the internet to my grandparents who still insist on visiting the library to attain information that can easily be googled. There is nothing wrong with your preference but at the same time do not downplay the forward leap that is happening simply because you'd rather be "old-school". If you like old school RE play old school RE. Capcom cannot appease everyone and they are trying to more than what they need too. In my opinion make the game and forget those who don't buy because it isn't the same, they're missing the point of forward progress anyway.

Also the entire argument about zombies doesn't make any sense. The T-Virus is a bio weapon and it is meant to create soldiers who do not experience pain, an army that is not afraid, does not tire, and doesn't need any upkeep. They just keep coming throwing their expendable bodies at the enemies. Why do you think Umbrella would not improve the virus. Yes we see the dichotomy between the old bioweapons and the new Las Plagas version but if it was beneficial for Umbrella Corp to I don't know give their massive army of undead the ability to circumvent a small structure they would. I wouldn't want an army that could be outrun by an obese 14 year old. It would only make sense in the Lore of the RE universe for them to improve their bioweapons to handle the new threat of the BSAA who run through their zombies like a hot knife through butter. I for one do not want the shamblin' slow moving zombies of old they don't even make sense. Speed walk and you'll be fine. Not mention enemies like Tyrant, Crawlers, and Nemesis (who wielded a rocket launcher) were not of the garden variety, again I see no reason why Umbrella would rest on its laurels (or failures as they're BOWs are constantly beaten back by cops, angst ridden teenagers, and ex-cons).

I for one am looking forward to RE:6 and will not judge the game until I have it in my hands. Any real resident evil fan would be stoked to get another entry into the franchise and for Capcom to attempt to expand its horizons while much more lauded games continue to use the same mechanics as their predecessors. (skyrim (fighting system), GOW (core gameplay although Ascension might change this), Mass Effect (which pretty much turned into a shooter), etc) Give it a rest and step off of your faulty soap boxes and open your eyes for once.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   1368d ago
The thing about Metal Gear Solid 4 was it was a STEALTH game, from the first Metal Gear to the series' end and they only added stuff which promoted it's core elements instead of throwing the whole formula to the wayside.

Resident Evil 5 did nothing to raise the bar in the survival horror genre when compared to games like Amnesia: Dark Descent. Instead it just armed monsters AK-74 carbines and added an the unecessary feature of co-op (which would be great in Mercenaries mode but not the story in my opinion.)

Jumping genres isn't called innovation while adding a few characters doesn't guarantee that an industry is listening to their fans when they have the whole identity of the franchise in Limbo.

I agree they are hard at work but in the wrong direction......
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noctrnl13  +   1367d ago
I agree to the fact that RE:5 didn't add anything to the survival horror genre, Amnesia Dark Descent was the best survival horror game I've played in years. I'll also say that in RE:5 I felt overpowered as if most of the run-of-the-mill enemies couldn't hurt me. Was I turned off a little bit yes, but then I realized Capcom is attempting something new and for what they did it was fine. It wasn't a survival horror game, more of an action horror game. I can accept that from them, even though I wished there was more tension. Enter RE:6 and I saw a partial trailer for Leon's part and I nearly creamed myself. I can rambo through zombies and various BOWs with Chris and at the same time go back to the roots of the series with Leon, everyone should be happy. I liked co-op but I'm biased because I am just a fan of Co-op, I didn't like being forced to play co-op though as the AI was lackluster.

I disagree I don't think they're jumping genre's but attempting to blend them in RE:6. The jumping genre to me is only valid for RE:5. I can accept distaste for RE:5 because it felt completely different, although I didn't mind that much. I saw it as a transitional game to lead to a balance between close-lining zombies and scrambling for ammo. I was just trying to make the point that Capcom is hard at work, attempting to please everyone and instead of writing it off based on the last iteration (which was the weakest in the main series) wait for it to drop so you can play it for yourself and then make a decision.

I also disagree about the MGS quip, you did not need to be stealthy in that entire game.Kojima gave you a choice. He gave you the mechanics to run and gun while successfully blending them with the mechanics of old. I will admit though they did a much better job than capcom did on RE:5 and I'm hoping RE:6 will hit the sweet spot.
TheMutator  +   1368d ago
F^%&$%% YOU CAPCOM!!!!!!!!

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