Frobisher Says Heading to North America

Look forward to Frobisher Says, North Americans! It's a formerly European-exclusive title taking the best parts of Wario Ware and Work Time Fun (WTF).

This same source correctly predicted Paint Park's launch, which happened rather quickly afterward. More free games is always good, right?

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Kiddcarter1987d ago

I connected my vita to uk account the other night and played this for a bit, it's a strange little game but i enjoyed it, glad it's coming to us so I don't have to go thru the pain of switching profiles on my vita anymore

jujubee881987d ago

Regardless of what account you are on. I found this out recently, but trophies can't be earned.

supremacy1987d ago

So when does it come stateside? Been meaning to download this on my vita for sometime now. And no, I dont do duel profiles dont like the hasstle really.

PirateThom1987d ago

It doesn't have trophies anyway.

I Twittered the developers about it (nice people) and they said it would be updated and patched with trophies soon.

Kiddcarter1982d ago

thanks I didnt know that it worked on any account

Kiddcarter1982d ago

hmm hey how did you get it work on a non UK account I just downloaded it again and tried to load it to my vita without reformatting my card and it wont let me

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sloth33951987d ago

it's not a rumor Sony already talked about it 2 weeks ago

Hicken1987d ago

I've heard good things about this game, so I'm interested.