E3 2012: PlayStation Targets Future of Gameplay and Innovation, Xbox Spotlights Services - UA #7

"PlayStation to unveil the future of gameplay and innovation during E3 2012 while Microsoft plans to spotlight dashboard, interface, and multimedia, Shigeru Miyamoto provides insight on what the PlayStation Vita needs to succeed and more gaming news and nonsense that listeners have come to expect with Unscripted Access."

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DJnal051988d ago

Who skips a show for bandwidth cap!! Sounds like my dog ate my paper....

E3 FTW!!!

Godmars2901988d ago

With this gen being more about streamlining, simplification of gameplay and overall fan division - console brands, handhelds, PCs and even game franchises like FF - the mess of DRM and DLC, getting motion control rammed down our throats, rather than the further diversity in gameplay and styles which should have happened, I'm really not seeing what good another generation will do. What honest improvements it'll offer.

LackTrue4K1988d ago

this year is going to be a big E3!!! hope sony or MS show there new systems!!! :)

soundslike1988d ago

"I hope sony or ms show there new systems!!!"

Yea! Can't wait for EA and Activision to gobble up even more studios because games will get way too fuckin expensive to make! Hooray! The future!

Jason1431987d ago

Remember the good old days? Can i borrow your contra cartdrige? I miss those days. Now i buy a game and it tells me i cant install it on another pc. I get a one time use online pass.
You said it better then i could. cheers man

Y_51501988d ago

"Future of Gameplay and Innovation". We can only guess! :)

Half-Mafia1988d ago

That rumor about a heads-up display is what I'm thinking the innovation is, or im just dreaming for it.

belal1988d ago

i think that the new systems will be announced next E3.

Jason1431987d ago

Next next gen is already here. its on pc where it has been for quite some time now. Until consoles utilize directx11 in all their games and run a native 1900 resolution they are simply far behind.

Hicken1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

PC doesn't have "generations," especially not in the context of consoles.

We're currently on the seventh generation of consoles. What generation is your PC?

I rest my case.

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