5 Reasons To Believe Grand Theft Auto V Will Release This Fall

GR: "Today's news that Bioshock Infinite would be delayed to February 2013 provided a strong suggestion that Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive will release Grand Theft Auto V this year in the Fall gaming season. Unfortunately, we're still left wondering, so here are five reasons to believe and give in to the hope:"

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ATi_Elite2041d ago

This console Gen is coming to a quick close so it has to release this fall to get the game out and some DLC before the New systems hit in 2013.

it makes no sense to use a Game Engine one time in a Generation (Sure a few other games used the Rage Engine) but as far as GTA they have learned so much from it that they can make GREAT improvements.

GTAV will be released this November and I'm 100% positive we will see it at E3!

stormeagle62041d ago

Wow that's a heart-crushing delay.

ftwrthtx2041d ago

GTA V will clearly outsell any Bioshock title, so why not make more money this holiday season?

Moncole2041d ago

It will release in 2013, Rock star never releases two big games in the same year.

quote me on this.

Nostalgia2041d ago

Well they released both GTA4 and Midnight Club LA in 2008.

Moncole2041d ago

MIdnight Club isn't a big game.

Trenta272041d ago

With Max Payne and GTA V online connecting, it's a good sign it will come out this year. The online for that might be pretty dead if GTA rolls out next year.

LOGICWINS2041d ago

Exactly. Why would Rockstar announce Max Payne 3 and GTAV connectivity now if the feature won't be usable until Spring 2013? It makes no sense.

Nostalgia2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

*Meant to be a reply*

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The story is too old to be commented.