Nintendo E3 predictions: New Zelda, Mario 3D and more

What can we expect from this new E3. First information about a new Zelda, Mario and a new 3DS model ? Predictions are in french but translated with google.

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AJBACK2FRAG2233d ago

Here's my prediction. The touch screen is 3d.

Akuma-2233d ago

I predict Mario, zelda, metroid, star fox , pikmin. May not be at this e3 but by next year e3

user54670072233d ago

I know this is highly unlikely with the Wii U and all but I wouldn't mind a new 3DS design, a one with the second circle pad on.

I want to buy a 3DS but I hae a funny feeling that when I do the new one will be announced. I think I'll wait untill after E3 and if nothing is announced then I'll go off and buy one

The Meerkat2233d ago

A new Zelda and Mario, REALLY!? /s

brettyd2233d ago

bold predictions there...

koehler832233d ago

I predict Nintendo games.

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The story is too old to be commented.