Half Life 3 news coming in Q2 2012 according to fansite Blappeture

DSOGaming writes: "Remember that GameStop placeholder we mentioned yesterday? Well, I'll be damned, it seems that it was not a simple placeholder after all. Keep reading because there is a hidden message at the Blappeture website that was recently launched. This is a HL/Portal fansite, we know that much, so as always take everything you read with a grain of salt. Go ahead and take a closer look at the website's source code."

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Nostalgia2231d ago

There is no way a game as big as half life could make it that close to it's release date without anyone knowing.

Lucreto2231d ago

Its Valve you know they love to troll the fanbase.

Springing it on fans is something they would do.

Its like we didn't know there was going to be a PS3 version of Portal 2 until Gabe announced it as Sonys conference.

Perjoss2230d ago

After the terrible Half Life 2 leak, I don't blame them for being super secretive. To be honest Half Life 3 does not need any hype. It will sell a bazillion copies even if Gabe was to walk outside Valve HQ and whisper the announcement to a non gamer.

ATi_Elite2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

Hey I can just make stuff up and put on a website too and whore for hits.

Half Life 4 will be released in Q3 of 2016!
Half Life 5 will be releases in Q2 of 2021!

See how easy it is and I didn't even have to interview Gabe Newell or anyone at Valve i just tossed it up there like they did. No proper sources or nothing just pulled it outta my arse.

1. It's Half Life 2 Episode 3 so any one saying HL3 has NO CLUE!

2. DotA2 and CS:GO have not been released so NO info on HL2ep3 will be released until after these two titles per Gabe Newell's instructions.

3.Unless Gabe Newell himself says it then it isn't true!

Valve is currently finishing up DotA 2 and CS:GO while working on and off again on "Ricochet 2".

Now if you HAD a CLUE you would know EXACTLY what Ricochet 2 is per GABE NEWELL!!

NarooN2231d ago

"1. It's Half Life 2 Episode 3 so any one saying HL3 has NO CLUE! "

Yeah, it's funny how everyone keeps talking about "Half-Life 3", ignoring two things:

1) Gabe Newell has stated on numerous occasions that the Episodes for HL2 *is* Half-Life 3 and

2) EP3 is the next game, not "HL3", because this is HL3.

DOMination-2231d ago

Tthe reason why everybody says Half-Life 3 is because Gabe Newell himself said last year that Valve were "done with episodic gaming" so people assumed they had abandoned the idea. The whole point of them doing episodes was to make more games in a shorter time frame. It's been five years since episode two, so it's a fair assumption to make, imo.

liquidhalos2230d ago

It has been 5 years since EP2 so from that aspect alone i doubt that they will make ep3. Secondly and most importantly Gabe has already said in the press that they are done with episodic gaming, they milked that one well.

user54670072231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

What's Q2's Summer, isn't it, June - August ?

Well E3 is in June which is then the first month of Summer...

ElementX2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )


paddystan2231d ago

Brace yourself. Gabe is back for more trolling.

Oldman1002231d ago

It would be legendary if they just spontaneously released it without making any announcements.

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