Will The Elder Scrolls Online Signal The End Of The World of Warcraft Era? "It's no secret that MMOs have evolved over the years into something almost beyond what was once typical gaming. From the early days of Everquest's open world, epic, hundred person world bosses to the slow social revolution that was brought upon by World of Warcraft, MMO gaming has become something more that's just simply for hardcore power-gamers. Interacting within communities has become a massive part of the online RPG experience, and while WoW has done a fantastic job in cultivating the genre its failure to fill every single plausible role that an online game can offer (understandably so) has left a void that other companies have been more than happy to step in and take over. As the still giant WoW focuses hard on holding together its Arena league and casual PvE player base, it's only natural that the competition should try and fill the gap.

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fozzness2234d ago

WoW is like a cockroach... it'll find its way back.

zeal0us2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

WoW is more like's hard to take down
-Rift couldn't take down WoW, even though it did take some of its players.
-Swtor was to be this so call WoW killer and its still losing players.
-Tera&SW&GW2...too early to make a comment on them three.
If WoW is going to be taken down its not going to be one single MMO. It will be multiple MMOs, if it was going to happen.

DeadlyFire2234d ago

WoW has become self sufficient with its own life so it will only die when its dead.

TOR was a noble idea, but they banked on it being Star Wars alone for it to sell. That just isn't enough.

GW 2 is only strong contender to swipe large player count I believe. Since GW has about 5 Million players from my last known article I have read.

Tera might swipe some, but still don't think it will rank up as many players. If it does they will likely be from outside audience rather than WoW crowd.

TES Online has already shifted itself away from Elder Scrolls gameplay so that in itself puts a big negative on it to me.

NYC_Gamer2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

Nope,WoW has been around for the longest and ES:Online won't change that...

mephman2234d ago

You sound pretty confident - it's not like, WoW is going to last forever.

NYC_Gamer2234d ago

WoW is 10.9 million strong and its years old...I believe only Blizzard new MMo Titan could defeat WoW...

MrCrimson2234d ago

Judging from the screenshots Wow just changed its name to elder scrolls.

Canary2234d ago

No. World of Warcraft II will make a dent, though.

Sure, part of the reason no one can topple WoW is because WoW already has a huge chunk of the player base and most people aren't going to pay obscene monthly fees for more than one MMO at a time. You know, what with time being finite.

The other part being that Blizzard actually spends a lot of time and effort making sure their games are as close to perfectly executed as possible.

Which is, you know, the OPPOSITE of what Bethesda games are known for.

DragonKnight2234d ago

No. ESO is taking too much of its base from WoW. ESO is following the safe route and using long established mmo staples. You can't beat WoW by being WoW. If ESO was like an actual ES game but with online, then maybe it could stand a chance. But no first party, hotbar combat, and the same lame questing experience of every mundane mmo out there coupled with the Kingdoms of Amalur artstyle make ESO just a carbon copy of other mmos. Why would people leave WoW just to play a game with the same experience?

Ravenor2234d ago

This times a billion, I was kinda interested when I saw the trailer but hearing more info and how it uses the same MMO tropes that WoW and every other MMO adheres to just kills it for me.

What's the point beyond brand recognition to even put ES in the title?

DragonKnight2234d ago

I meant to say first person. But yeah, there is no real point to this game but to cash in on the name. About the only GOOD thing about this game is the actual world. Apparently you can explore all of Tamriel, but we'll see. I have a feeling the promises made about this game will end up being downplayed later.

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The story is too old to be commented.