The Next Xbox – What We Know And Suspect

Microsoft’s next console may not be immediately on the horizon, but suspicion is starting to rise about what it may entail and when it may release. Join us as we look at the more compelling of these theories and what solid knowledge we have. We might even engage in some speculation of our own!

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theeg2235d ago

"The Next Xbox – What We Know And Suspect"

-that it's 2 years late already

ps4 is a year late

hurry the fu$% up!!

the pool is filling up with algae the games are getting so stagnant

ohhhhh uncharted 4
gears 4
resistance 4
halo 5
call of duty 23

get some new damn consoles and some new damn franchises out!

Tapioca Cold2235d ago

What's it like still paying $60.00 a year to play online?

Just wondering.

XboxLive: The Online Pass everyone pays for! Now with Advertising!