BioShock delayed BECAUSE of GTA V?

Xbigy Games' Kamran Draeger writes:

"Many stories have come out today, because of the announced delay of BioShock Infinite, most notably the report by Wedbush Securites' Michael Pachter who claimed that the postponed release might make way for Grand Theft Auto V. Out of the entire ordeal however, the question arises, if Rockstar's blockbuster title has been granted a new release slot or has it taken it?"

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Nostalgia2138d ago

Now I have GTA5, AC3 and Sleeping Dogs for 2012 XD

kamruk2138d ago

The thing is gamers will buy everything they like, but the biggest purchases during the holiday season come from parents who buy "what they know" (cod, gta... well established BRANDS not simply games) or simple gift givers who will do the same, "what they know". On top of that come the one game a month purchases from kids who simply chose their favourite out of the bunch, making it even more important that company's bet on their best horses towards the end of the year.

morganfell2138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )

I do not believe Rockstar has ever launched a GTA title in the fall. People should consider the reasoning behind the delay is nothing more than what Ken Levine had to say.

However there are two other possibilities that may have been a reason for the delay. If E3 rolls around and we do not see the Bioshock exclusive title that was planned for the Vita then the odds increase exponentially that Bioshock Infinite is coming to the Vita with an unusual PS3 interoperability.

Infinite could have been delayed if 2K were lobbied by Microsoft to include Kinect functionality.

Personally my money is on the fact that matters are simply as have been stated by Levine.

ShaunCameron2138d ago

@ morganfell

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas


kamruk2138d ago

@ morganfell I don't mean to fuel any fires but GTA IV was supposedly also only delayed due to technical difficulties on the PS3

ionicmoose2138d ago


You don't believe that Rockstar has ever launched a GTA title in the fall? You couldn't be more wrong...

They've released every GTA title in the fall with the exception of IV, which was long planned to release in October too until it was delayed.

Diver2138d ago

morg didn't say he was sure but y'all jumped like he did. hope you dudes never say something you're not positive about. if you seen the guy post you know when he is sure. instead its attack time. okay if that's the way you want it.

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Hurricane432138d ago

How anyone that is a gamer and loves great open world titles would disagree with you must be on another planet. GTAV, AC3, Sleepingdogs, for open world gamers is the best open world year for gaming in a very long time. Awesome titles with all differences in each title, you have V set in Losa Santos, AC3 revolution war, and Sleeping Dogs in Hong Kong, how the heck can anyone complain about that. Awesome for the gamer.

TheGameFoxJTV2138d ago

@Diver, this is the internet, these guys act like everything is an argument, and jump at any chance they can to be complete lowlifes.

MrMister2132d ago (Edited 2132d ago )

Thumbs up--I agree with GTA 5 and AC3, but with all the amazing new games coming, I don't know about using that money on Sleeping Dogs...well, unless Xbox 360 is your only console--then I guess it's okay since there are not too many new games to choose from since the end of 2010 till now. As for me, there are too many great AAA exclusives coming for PS3 for me to take a chance on Sleeping Dogs. There's just too little information about that game. Maybe i'll wait for user reviews before getting it.

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Summons752138d ago

whoever thinks so is a complete idiot.....did Ken Levine saying that they felt like it needed more tweaking and adjusting to give the best experience not mean anything to you?

Not to mention Bioshock and GTA are no where near comparison

Series_IIa2138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )

It's been in development for a long time... You don't decide practically last minute that it needs to be delayed and tweaked.

Either its really bad or they want to steer clear of GTA and COD.

Summons752138d ago

yeah because I'm sure you have never written an essay or done some sort of creative project have it nearly read to turn in then find something you don't like or feel like it's's part of any development process. I re-read my writing 4-5 times before I even feel it's ready to hand in.

koh2138d ago

Well, would you actually expect him to say "I know GTAV doesn't have an announced release date yet, but I found out it was October, so we're delaying Bioshock"? He obviously wouldn't have the ability to make that announcement.

I'm not saying that this is really evidence of GTAV's release date, just pointing out the holes in your reasoning.

KwietStorm2138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )

Bioshock and GTA are both coming from Take Two. Its been heavily rumored that GTA will release this Fall. Its not uncommon by any stretch for a developer/publisher to outright lie about a delay, because of a crowded release window. Bioshock has already been in development for a long time by this team, since Bioshock 2 wasn't handled by the original studio.

Given all these facts, I would say the obvious ASSUMPTION for the delay is so that GTA doesn't eat up its sales, while Take Two can still bolster their financials. If you disagree, that's fine, but you're ignoring a whole lot of details if you're gonna call anyone an idiot for thinking otherwise.

ksense2138d ago

on the other hand do you really think levine would come out and say it was delayed because of gta 5?of course he had to come up with something and the best thing you can say for a delay is they are making it better.....

i really think gta is coming out this year. the trailer was shown last year early november and the game will prolly release this year around november or late october.

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Regent_of_the_Mask2138d ago

Why do people think it's delayed because of GTA5? The GTA games aren't good anymore. These days if you want a fun game that played like the old GTAs (back when they were good) you have to play Saints Row. GTA4 & 5 sacrifice all the fun for realism. Not to mention Bioshock is nothing like GTA so obviously they have different fanbases.

I'd buy Bioshock Infinite over another mediocre GTA any day. Of course, I'll never buy another GTA game again with this new crappy direction they're taking it in.

Dark112138d ago

Just stfu already , you one Bubble troll.

Nostalgia2138d ago

I can't stand people like you.
Just because you can't fly in jets and whack people with gloves that make them explode doesn't mean it isn't fun.
It may not be as customizable but there is a different type of fun to GTA games now, the realistic physics, the story and the animations are less stiff.
You may say that GTA is not good any more but I think my money would be safe if I said you would still buy it ;)

kmanmx2138d ago

Anyone that watched the GTA5 trailer would realise they have kept the best realism parts of GTA4 and yet are bringing back all the fun stuff from the older GTA's.

Metacritic of 95+. Mark my words..

Outside_ofthe_Box2138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )

Because Take-Two owns both GTA and Bioshock that's why.

Besides... New GTA direction >>>>>>> trashy Saints Row any day.

gtxgamer22138d ago

Saints row is a great game.

Saints Row goes towards fun and unrealistic

While Grand Theft Auto goes towards realistic

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JohnApocalypse2138d ago

2K does have 2 other games coming out this fall

TheColbertinator2138d ago

If anything bioshock might be getting delayed more because of borderlands 2.

KwietStorm2138d ago

Nothing would get delayed because of Borderlands 2

Outside_ofthe_Box2138d ago

Wouldn't it be the opposite? Delay Borderlands because of Bioshock?

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