How Killzone 4 can make up for Killzone 3

TVGB: . The Killzone franchise found its footing with an incredible second game, but the rather bland, me-too third attempt seemed to spoil all of that.

With a new game being rumoured for an E3 reveal,here’s a look at what the franchise needs to do to win back our hearts.

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Nostalgia1930d ago

If killzone 2 and 3 switched orders then everyone would say the complete opposite.
People don't know what they want these days.

Electro_UK1930d ago

Actually, as someone that liked the original Killzone, it was disheartening to find the franchise veer off in a different direction to what had been established in the first two games.

Nostalgia1930d ago

Oh c'mon what was so different about KZ3?
The only thing it changed was the heavy sprinting and made it a bit lighter.
It was just as good as KZ2 no better, no worse.

Abash1930d ago

I love Killzone 3. All the classes and weapons were fun to play as, the maps were great and I had a blast exploring them, and the brutal melee kills never got old

I feel like Im taking crazy pills sometimes because I love Killzone 2 but I love Killone 3 even more

archemides5181930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

they changed EVERYTHING in killzone 3, your person was "shrunk down" even more completely changing the lines of sight and feeling of the maps (just compare the kz2 map remakes to the originals). the camera was also zoomed in so the peripheral vision was more cut off , and when you turned, your view felt like you were looking from the gun nose of a tank, not the central position. this completely changes the fundamentals of the game, and when you add in the COD-wannabe movement speed, it may as well be another game. also the menus were absolutely HORRID and an utter eyesore. PLEASE GO BACK TO KILLZONE 2 STYLE

also the framerate was worse, and it was close to a problem in kz2 as it was

KeiserSosay47881930d ago


It was worse for KZ2 fans. GG stupidly thought that giving the sniper class infinite invisibility with the ability to have a one shot sniper rifle along with an SMG that's just as good as the AR was a good idea. During the Alpha for KZ3, all the testers complained of this and when it switched to beta. It was same. Players continued to complain about how the classes abilities were getting ridiculous and then the game came out AND IT WAS STILL THE SAME. The only things better about KZ3 were the melee, hit detection, better controls, and operations. They ruined the classes and the core gameplay all in one fell swoop. This is why most KZ2 fans didn't like the game.

Peppino71930d ago

Kz3 wasn't that'd bad of a game that Kz4 needs to "make up" for it. I think a lot of people are overreacting.

morganfell1930d ago


There are two groups hating KZ. There are those that will never be satisfied no matter what you give them. And then there are those that never played Killzone, any Killzone, that fear it and are determined to see the franchise fail at any cost.

Getowned1930d ago

Gameplay is way better in Killzone 3 then Killzone 2, KZ2 felt like work and not so much fun. Over all Im not a huge KZ fan but the KZ3 MP was fun but at the end of the day I would rather play BF3 or BC2 and the only thing BF3 and BC2 are missing for me is my beloved CTF!. Didn't like Killzones version of CTF lol.

Gaming1011930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

K2 had serious input controller lag, K3 reduced that significantly, allowed you to hold more than 2 lousy weapons, one of each class, it was great.

What Killzone haters can do to make up for being douchebags? STFU that's what

A-Glorious-Dawn1929d ago

I played KZ1 extensively online with my clan.

We played KZ2 extensively and loved it..

We play KZ3 to this day and love it as well.

We can adapt to minor changes (and they are minor) instead of bitching about having the game the way we want it...

The reaction to killzone changes is some of the wort I have seen in gaming. I remember a LOT of people complained about the weighty controls in KZ2.. Then KZ3 comes out and solves the issue, and then you have a bunch of people complaining about the responsive controls..

I say damn you all I hope the dev's stop listening to you babies.. I love KZ3 its a great game.. I hope GG do whatever they want with KZ4 I trust them..

TekoIie1929d ago

Being back class combinations!!!! That was awesome in KZ2 :D

gaffyh1929d ago

KZ3 was in no way a bad game, but I actually liked the weight of the guns and the momentum they had. It made the game feel different to other generic shooters, and I actually wish they didn't remove that weighty feel in hindsight.

It wasn't even a hindrance like a lot of the crying fanbabies said, easy to get used to. Of course, fanboys don't know the difference between a weighty feel and input lag, so they claimed it was input lag.

Baka-akaB1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

Why the attitude from some here ? Is it that hard to understand that while KZ3 remains good , some kz2 fans werent as enthralled by the change ?

I wouldnt go as far as some idiots claiming it was noobified or turned into a cod clone , but i did prefer the feel of kz2 and its balance system . And they removed some stuff out of the blue in kz3 ... minor stuff but adding to the rest , i can see why some were dissapointed

Because of that change i'm afraid it will be resistance all over again . people gave up after kz3 despite it still being great , and might not come back for KZ4 , even if it was to bring back the whished elements

FFXI1011929d ago

See, I don't get why people hate it. I understand the fans want to see the game do better but hate it because the game did not play the way you want? that's stupid.

You can either adapt to it or simply go play something else. I love KZ 1,2 and 3, I will continue to support it and looking forward to the next Kill Zone game whether is on Vita or PS3.

killerhog1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

coming from someone who exceptionally skilled in both kz2 and 3, and plays them both till this day, along with liberation. i can say, i prefer kz3 controls but kz2's gameplay. kz2 right now, proves that with the increase use of modded controllers a whopping 70% of people will be at a disadvantage and the controls will not work. playing kz2 this year, i see people doing perfect shots even from far away (lol at the perfect lmg shots as im running), i see people moving around faster than programmed (and definitely not because of the ability boost), im wasting my time trying to aim because if i aim and shoot at someone 5 seconds before they see me, they'll kill me with perfect aiming/shooting as theyre running all over the place fast (then add the lag most of them are using). i cant play kz2 like i use to, you know actually aiming, moving left and right with necessary. a good number of people just move 1000 times faster than me in everything, cause of the increase use of modded controllers. i know, a lot of people will say, "just buy a modded controller too then" but then whats the point of having the kz2 controls? also im not a punk i dont need any type of unfair advantage to beat my opponents. thats why i would rather have the kz3 controls and ribbons is easier to combat modded controller punks.

tokugawa1929d ago

typical morganfell everyone against sony post.. shut up !!

i loved kz2, infact i thought it was one of the best on-line shooters i have played. with my cross battle adaptor and xbox 360 wired controller, i used to smash em to bits on it. i loved the weighty controls, graphics and ofcourse the changing objective warzone mode!

i couldnt wait for kz3, i downloaded the demo, played for 10 mins, went straight on shopto and cancelled my pre-order. disappointed is the only word i can say.

disagree away kids, because everyone who doesnt think a sony "exclusive" is a fanboy that just wants to see them fail... smh

stevenhiggster1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

What you on about? As a true fan of the original KillZone you would know that the second already veered pretty far off what the original did.
I'd still say the original is the best of the series. But I also very much liked 3.

The first game had so much more depth than 2 and 3, a far better story and multiple playable characters too.

On the multiplayer side, yes 3 was a step back from 2, and tbh I'd say graphically too. But on the whole I liked 3.

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Nitrowolf21930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

"Oh c'mon what was so different about KZ3?"

The game was fine, but as a Killzone 2 player, I expected more from the Online Menu/UI Set-up.
KZ2 offered so much more for the Multiplayer when it came to user options.

The story was better, the gameplay though i liked the weight it was still fine with the change. My only beef with the game was that the online was just downgraded, which for me I didn't end up playing as long as I did for KZ2

there was more to simply how the menu looked
They took out (talking launch here for KZ3)
server list
The whole Clan system of Killzone 2, this was KZ2 clan system:
KZ3 literally scrapped all of that.

There's a lot of stuff from KZ2 MP menu that was removed from KZ3 that really made a huge system. Let's not get into the squad system either.

Nostalgia1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

The online was downgraded because you didn't like the menu? lol
I only played the KZ3 beta and I was a hardcore KZ2 player but I had no trouble with anything, it did feel like more of the same just with a slight graphical improvement but to hear some people say it was a downgrade or a fail is just stupid.
KZ3 like KZ2 held it's own and did nothing wrong. People just need to to stop hating on games because they can't afford them lol. I'm not saying that applies to you.

Nitrowolf21930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

I'm not gonna sit here and argue and say that you are not a true KZ fan, because it's an opinion. If you liked the MP of KZ3 I can understand that. I liked it a lot to, but as said there was a whole lot from KZ2 that really made it more unique. KZ3 for me felt liked a stripped down version of KZ2 MP. It's not just me that thought this eeither, I remember the first week people on the forums where complaining about all these MP changes, especially the server list ( I think it's there now though not sure)

Also DLC, even though I got akl of them for free, I felt that really killed the community right away. Divided them up badly TBH.

LackTrue4K1930d ago

that was the best thing i remember about Killzone 2! "THE CLAN" it was the first clan i join, with really helpful players!!! to this day we jumped to Killzone 3 and now Battlefield 3. we still jump back to killzone 3 onces a month. hoping for Killzone 4 to be similar to 2!!!

TekoIie1929d ago

Cutscenes in KZ3 were EPIC!! Screw everyone who says cutscenes ruin games cuz this games SP would not be as good without it!

Jazz41081929d ago

I enjoyed kz2 and I only usually play sp and kz3 the story was horrible and so forgettable. I had to push myself to finish it knowing I spent 60 bucks on launch night for it.

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Outside_ofthe_Box1930d ago

How many time does this have to be discussed?

***"Oh c'mon what was so different about KZ3?
The only thing it changed was the heavy sprinting and made it a bit lighter."***

This is NOT the reason why people are upset about KZ3.

Most KZ2 players will admit that the controls for KZ3 are better. The heaviness while sprinting is essentially the same in both games.

What MOST KZ2 players are upset about is the gunplay and the unbalanced classes. Those are the TWO most important things that we are upset about.

The guns in KZ3 resemble CoD. There is little recoil, little bullet spread, and little bullet deviation. The variables for calculation bullet damage is only 7. It was 24 in KZ2.

Other problems that people have in the lack of custom ranked custom games with server lists and the clan system. These two things is what gave KZ2 it's replay value.

dragonyght1930d ago

That's not all 25 online feature had gone missing in K3 that's why K 2 vets including myself were dissapointed too many chance in the core gameplay.

Weapons feedback(each weapons had different weight and feel require different way to handle them)
on da fly squad system
spawn grenades
the weekly honors system
better clan/ladder system
battle stat/replay

Outside_ofthe_Box1930d ago

I know there's more. I'm just tired of listing them. And I'm pretty sure it's more than 25.

kikizoo1929d ago

KZ3 was more "cod players/noobs friendly" than kz2, this is why kz2 veterans did'nt like it more...

but everybody has to remember than kZ3 solo part, was way better than any fps outside the same year, no competition !

lastdual1929d ago


"but everybody has to remember than kZ3 solo part, was way better than any fps outside the same year, no competition!"

No. Resistance 3 was also released last year, and its campaign was easily better than KZ3. Crysis 2 also had a more meaty campaign with better pacing. There was definitely competition.

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OhReginald1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )



Spawn on Squad Leader


A Better balanced Marksman Class

Badge Swapping

Ranked server list

When shooting your gun, the dynamic lights cast a shadow

Valor System which was actually good.

Medic Indicators

Longer Re-spawn Time

Spawn Grenades

Assault Class

Custom Servers list

The ability to escape a Spawn Camp

A majority of players that play the objectives

Gritty Realistic Graphics

Better Collision Detection

Better Maps

The ability to play any Game Mode on any Map


Better Stat Tracking

Higher Sales

Better campagin

I can list more things that Killzone 2 had that Killzone 3 did not have.

InTheLab1930d ago

Almost like it's a completely different game, huh?

I disagree with some of that stuff, like how "higher sales" or "A majority of players that play the objectives " are both inappropriate for a list of differences. Your list would long enough without filler.

The broken Marksmen class did piss me off, as well as minor issues like not knowing where the medics are. I still think the core of Killzone remained the same and some fans won't ever be satisfied with sequels.

MerkinMax1930d ago

When your team was engaged with another in an intense firefight on a night map like Hlghan Industries, the graphics were unreal. The lighting, particles sound and everything was just so intense and immersive. KZ3 just drifted away from that IMO. Why did they feel they need to remove the weightyness of the guns, the heavy movement and other things that made Killzone 2 unique? They obviously weren't afraid to do something different with Killzone 2, then they flipped the switch with KZ3. Just baffles me.