The Elder Scrolls Online Now Up For Pre-Order, Costs $60

For everyone hoping that The Elder Scrolls Online would be a free-to-play MMO, a pre-order listing for the game on a retailer website has quickly dashed those hopes away.

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BringingTheThunder2204d ago (Edited 2204d ago )

damn, maybe theyll lower it to $50 before launch, $60 is too high for a PC game.

fluffydelusions2204d ago (Edited 2204d ago )

Doubt it...skyrim, swtor, diablo 3, gw2, just to name a few all sold for $60

BringingTheThunder2204d ago

i guess... i can still hope though.

Relientk772204d ago (Edited 2204d ago )

I thought PC games were all $50 at launch, and here they have $60 PC games now

fluffydelusions2204d ago (Edited 2204d ago )

Depends on the publisher really. The $50 ones are usually the digital copies but now everything is basically $60...sadly

Bobby Kotex2204d ago (Edited 2204d ago )

I'll tell you about an observation I made years ago. When Modern Warfare 2 came out on the PC it was $60 and the first game to hit that price point. I knew it was the beginning of the end. Obviously it was successful and other major games followed. Now we're at the point where most games on the PC are $60. Nevermind the fact that the vast majority of them are downloaded with no packaging/cd. That was the old argument on why console games are more expensive. Just another chapter of PC gamers getting effed up the bung hole. BTW, I've never heard of a game being cheaper because it's the downloaded version. Ever. Show me an example.

Relientk772204d ago

I think digital copies SHOULD be cheaper. I will not pay the same price for a digital copy of the game when I can get the physical copy for the same price

mistajeff2204d ago

@bobby kotex

i noticed the same thing, MW2 was $60 and it kicked off the trend. interestingly, activision only seems to price COD and blizzard games at $60 (not sure if they control blizzard's pricing or not), because I remember seeing other activision games for $50 at launch. of course, after MW2, EA started charging $60 for ALL their PC games. ubisoft tried it, but most recently launched AC revelations at $50. zenimax now does it with most of their stuff (skyrim was the most recent, i believe), and even take two and rockstar are hopping on board by charging $60 for max payne 3. and the main reason console games are more expensive is because of a ~$9 licensing fee that the console manufacturers charge per copy. so it's a very transparent rip-off, it's extra money in the publisher's pocket and they don't even care about trying to hide it.

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ChrisW2204d ago (Edited 2204d ago )

Let's just hope it's like Guild Wars and we don't have to pay monthly fees.

GamingPerson2204d ago (Edited 2204d ago )

As long as it's like Guild war2 were you pay only once. I am in!

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Dante1122204d ago

I'm gonna wait this out a bit till the price drops.

DragonKnight2204d ago

If there isn't a monthly subscription, then in a sense it still is a free to play mmo. What would be the worst is spending $60 for the game and another $15 a month for the subscription like what DCUO started out as.

gtxgamer22204d ago

My opinion is that Sub based MMO's should be free downloads then have people pay $15 a month or $10 thats how i'd do it. You know since imma nice guy =]

Fylus2204d ago (Edited 2204d ago )

Or people could be even more nice and make their game 100% free with no Sub fees at all.

*Cough* DUST 514 *Cough*

gtxgamer22204d ago

Dust 514 isnt coming with subs? it is 100% free, there will just be in-game items that you can purchase an use inside the game.

Fylus2204d ago (Edited 2204d ago )

Sure you can buy stuff in game, but the point is, anyone can play 100% of the game without ever being forced to spend money. I can't wait to play it:)

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