40° TERA: Impressions Traci B.
After playing most of the game, it’s that time to see whether TERA stacks up well against its other competing MMOs. Honestly? It’s going much better than I expected. I’m not going to get too in-depth since this isn’t a review, but there are a few things I feel the need to bring up in my impressions.

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ATi_Elite2139d ago

I'm having a blast playing Tera!

I've actually been able to implement some of my many hours of FPS game skills into Tera. The combat is not on Arma II or BF3 level but it sure is better than all other MMO's IMHO.

I prefer the action/twitch combat versus the tab lock crap of other games. I've been running around PWNing fools.

I'm sure they are gonna have to nerf gamers like me real soon cause we are getting DANGEROUS!!

Great game!