Diablo III: The Best Soloing Classes

Let’s assume for a moment that Diablo III is not a multiplayer game – that players do not have the ability to merely drop into a game via the click of a mouse. What if it was up to you, and only you, to banish the minions of Hell from the world of Sanctuary? Unlike in MMOs like World of Warcarft and The Old Republic, all of the content in Diablo III can be soloed, but due to the nature of enemies and class composition, it appears that some classes will have an easier go at it than others.

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Relientk772081d ago

My top priorities are trying the Witch Doctor, Wizard, and Demon Hunter classes

Summons752081d ago

I'm going Monk, Wizard or witch doctor, whichever I dont use <there, demon hunter, barbarian...

SolDojo2081d ago

I put on my robe and wizard hat and cast level 5 timegate.

I arrive at 11:45 May 14th.

Psychonaughty2081d ago

Barbarian then demon hunter, but it's barb by a long way, for me it's by far the most fun and visceral class in the game and I hope to get to Inferno with him with some help from my bro (also a barb!

kamper2080d ago

Me and my guild is just going for all the raids. Can't wait for all Blizzards new raid bosses I am hoping the implement a Guild bank really soon after launch or we will just leave for Guild Wars 2.

/laughing out loud retard

kamper2080d ago

oh.-. and the game is going to pownzor SWTOR so bad!!

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