Too much World of Warcraft is bad. But you...knew that, right? RIGHT?!

A team of British and German researchers have come up with the conclusion that some online video-game players have what the scientists call a "cyberdependece" or "cyberaddiction". So now, after drugs, alcohol and rock'n'roll, parents have another thing to worry about: your MMORPG "passion".

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WilliamRLBaker3907d ago

yep any thing, ANY THING in excess is bad for you.

Joey Gladstone3907d ago (Edited 3907d ago )

You have now WILL POWER!!!, are a pathetic specimen of a HUMAN BEING, and should be beaten to within a half inch of your life for DRAGGING OUR SOCIETY go crawl back to the SWEET TEET that is WoW .........."The JOEY has Spoken"

lynx1halo3907d ago (Edited 3907d ago )

I would compare WoW to......Crack Cocaine for Nerds.......I have personally seen quite a few people just get obsessively hooked on this game......wasting away countless hours in front of their monitors......SAD TRUTH

Baba19063907d ago (Edited 3907d ago )

i was an addict once. im glad im over it.

Edit: judging from the disagrees someone knows me better than myself =D

dilibau3907d ago

we're glad too that you're ok son. now take your pills and don't forget to remove that power-cable outta the PC mkay? ;))

Baba19063907d ago

done and done. =D

im just happy about it. its really addictive. for almost one year all i did was go to the university and as soon as i was home play wow, than sleep, university, play, sleep and so on. sucks it really does. and a lot of the people i got to know there play 20 hours a day or something. its crazy.Poeple lost theire jobs, theire familys everthing.

poos33907d ago

i played wow for 2 years was in the best guild on my server and clared blacktembpel and mount hyjal and the tepest keep i can even still explain most bosses encounters in that game i think i was the only black guy playing wow and i was the best of my class in the game and only a few knew i was a african but i had to quit it took away my life in the evenings.

poos33907d ago

U twats the disaggree with me if u dont belvie me noobs pm me and ill tell u what server i was in and let u make a lvl 1 charater and log in with my charater u folls and show u my gear little kids ?just test me u noobs and be jealous i bought a 1 month game card to talk with old freinds PM ME NOOBS AND IL LMAKE U CRY WITH MY GEAR

LinuxGuru3907d ago

WoW is as boring as homemade sh!t.

I have literally fallen asleep at my computer after playing WoW for only 30 minutes.

BlazeXXL3907d ago

and i gotta say, it's sh!t.. srry

Ur constantly walking... walking... beating the sh!t outta 10 mobs.... walking... lvl up!...

Guess it's not my game..

Baba19063907d ago

the addictiv thing in my case was not really the gameplay, but more the community. as soon as you are in guild you feel obligated to be there for them and help them out when ever the guild needs its help. sure the endless feeling of never ending the story and allways better items helped at loving the game.

Rocko3907d ago

My friend let me use of his numerous accounts. When I got to level 40 and bought my mount, I didn't want to play anymore. It was like I lost my motivation. The rising cost of repairing my higher level gear was also putting me in the WOW poor house. So I said "f*ck this" and played Elder Scrolls.

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