Mass Effect: Why a TV Show Makes More Sense

Gaming Enthusiast:

Mass Effect should not be a film. I can see no conceivable way that this rich universe of characters can be condensed into a two hour film. Rather, it can be done successfully as a TV series.

With a 13 episode arc, it would offer the creators more time to explore the different characters, feature more missions, all while following the main plot arc of the first game. Game of Thrones has proven it can be done, but what it also does is focus the writing on character development and drama, rather than loud bangs and spectacle.

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Megaton2259d ago

How about we just leave it a game? Can we not butcher a series with Hollywood garbage for once?

guitarded772259d ago

NO!!! We must rape everything that is good by making mediocre spin-offs. George Lucas has created an ingenious formula which should be followed closely when ruining a great franchise.

Saryk2259d ago

I think it should be done. I wouldnt want Shepard being used, but it is a rich universe.

I think something like Star Trek series that goes into movies!

VanguardOfCalamity2259d ago

I definitely think that some of the missions would lend themselves very well to a series - but I doubt it would happen.. It would be interesting to see just how they would "end" the series though - something tells me it would be different from the game.. which would be hilarious <considering>

BuffMordecai2259d ago

Turns into a crappy SyFy Channel series directed by Uwe Boll.

Godmars2902259d ago

I'm actually burnt out on the series, largely because of all the BS over ME3's ending.

The game was decent with ME1 but soon became quickly overrated. With less actual effort put into the series in the later entries as its hype machine exploded.

h311rais3r2259d ago

It slowly started getting less depth and even began to ignore its own lore :/

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