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NYC_Gamer2084d ago

Activision making profit without online passes and blaming used software

Pandamobile2084d ago

But Activision published a whopping 5 notable titles in 2012 lol.

Trenta272083d ago (Edited 2083d ago )

Most of which sucked. Amazing, isn't it?

Edited: Why the disagrees? Look up the games that released this year and tell me which ones were actually good.

Letros2083d ago

This year? Diablo 3, StarCraft 2: HotS, those will be damn good.

Pandamobile2083d ago

I meant last year. But besides Blizzard and Call of Duty games, Activision's lineup is usually poor at best.

Drake1172083d ago

Activision has 2 complete Juggernauts in COD and WOW i'm pretty sure they will never not make a profit with those 2, all the other games they publish are bonuses lol.

Staude2083d ago

You're forgetting skylanders. That thing is everywhere

admiralthrawn872083d ago

wow still has 10.2 million despite SWTOR, Tera, and Rift.

gtxgamer22083d ago

Does WoW or CoD make activision more money?

Reborn2083d ago

WoW probably more than COD atm. I would give them till Q4 2012, to see what Elite has really yielded. I don't think it will eat into WoW numbers, but it will bring in a lot of profit for them.